A Continent-wide Chimney Swift Roost Monitoring Project


Little Rock, AR

Bill Shepherd, Tom Fennell and I went swift watching last night, in support of Swifts Night Out.

For a long time it was like watching paint dry (we got to Old World Pizza on Kavanaugh at 7:00 p.m.), then about 8:40, the swifts we had been watching swell in numbers for the past half hour formed a vortex then began falling into a cylinder on top of the Big Mac building from the bottom of a funnel. It took about two minutes for approximately 300 swifts to fall into the cylinder. It was very beautiful and amazing. The funny thing was, we thought they were going into the old tall chimney on the Capital Grounds, which is what we had staked out, then we realized they were going into this huge drum-like vent on top of the Big Mac building.  It was quite a show!  While there, we also saw a kestrel, a Cooper's Hawk and swapped tall bird
tales.  Ellen Fennell

Lombard, IL

There were about I'd say between 150-200 birds ( It took about an hour for all the birds to get into the chimney)
- They started to gather around the roost at about 7:45 CDT
- 8/10/2007
- Sacred Heart church
- 114 S. Elizabeth St. Lombard, IL 60148
- Very old church with a tall brick shaft/ chimney
- Clear conditions

I hope this helps out.  Thank you, Luke Dahlberg

Austin, TX

On August 10, 2007, beginning at 8:30 p.m. CST, we counted 650 chimney swifts entering an old incinerator chimney at O. Henry Middle School, in Austin, Texas. The weather was clear and 89 degrees. We had a group of 6 observers.

Springfield Township, MI

On August 10th, I counted 24 Chimney swifts entering the Andersonville Elementary School chimney at 9:00 to 9:12 PM. Weather was 79 degrees and clear with no wind. Location is on Andersonville Rd.  48350. thanks, Mike Wells

Canby, OR

The first Swift went to roost around 8:15pm PDT. Some flew out again, but by 8:45pm all were in. Counted about 30 Vaux's Swifts in the house chimney at 6.2 miles south of Canby, OR The weather is calm and clear, with temperatures from 75 to 78 this week.

Chimney is about 35' high, 8" x 8" square. It housed 6 adults since arrival, with only one pair building nest. The nest had three confirmed fledglings. The fourth baby may not have made it after falling down to the damper tray (it was unable to cling to wall when placed back up flue, hope parents were still able to feed it). Nest was attached to NW corner of flue about 10ft to 12ft down from top. Still heard some young calling on August 7, and think it was the fledglings hanging out.
Max & Joanna DeRungs

Austin, TX

We observed our Chimney Swift Tower in Great Hills Park last night, 8/10, from 7:30 to about 8:45. It was a beautiful evening, clear and not too hot. We counted 12 swifts entering the tower. Two entered quite early but most returned just about or just after sunset. One lone bird returned quite late after sunset. There appeared to be more swifts flying in the area so there must be other roosts around too. It is so exciting to have our tower in such good use now!  Marie Lange

Saint-Georges de Beauce, QC, Canada

a.. Number of swifts counted: 155
b.. Time (and time zone): 08:30 PM Eastern time
c.. Date: august 10 2007
d.. Location: 820, 120e street, Saint-Georges de Beauce, QC, Canada
e.. Address: city, state/province: Saint-Georges de Beauce, QC, Canada
f.. Broad description of the site, e.g. school, warehouse, residence,
Chimney Swift Tower, etc: Factory of carpets, since 1928
g.. Weather conditions may also be reported: Temperature: 17°C

Luc Légaré

New Castle, PA

Last night kept watch at the chimney across the street from me. Edgewood Ave., New Castle, PA 16105. Empty residence. There were quite a few flying around, BUT only 4 entered the chimney. In the spring I watched hem one evening and only 4 entered. I'm guessing that the rest of them found another chimney close to here The count last year was over 80! Wondering what happened.

Somers, CT

Aug 11, 2007
7:50 - 8:20 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Kibbe Fuller School
Main St.
Somers, CT 06071
Sun setting, 75 degrees F, no wind
17 swifts counted entering chimney at school

Spotsylvania, VA

4 Swifts, our house chimney where they bred
8:15- 8:25 Eastern (sunset was at 8:09 pm)
Aug 11, 2007
Spotsylvania, VA 22551 (changed from 22553 last year)
Weather - clear, 81 degrees, calm
Anthony Wilbur

Greenwood IN

Number of swifts counted: 40
Time (and time zone): 9pm (EDT)
Date 11Aug07
Address: city, state/province: 3280 W. Fairview Rd.
Greenwood, IN 46142
Broad description: North Grove Elementary school

Morehead City, NC

Approximately 300 swifts, 8:30 PM EST, 8/11/07 at West Carteret High School, Morehead City, NC 28557. Weather cloudy, has been extremely stormy for several days.   Will have another count tomorrow night from a location 25 miles away.   Douglass Swanson

Elkhart, Indiana

August 10, 2007
free standing chimney preserved specially for the swifts site of former Rice School, Blazer Blvd and Goshen Avenue from 8:35 pm to 9:20 pm EDT. Sundown about 8:50 pm Clear sky Zero swifts went into the chimney, about 8 circled about and departed Only a week earlier there were about 150 there. Gone south already?

August 11, 2007
chimney on old brick Catalog Center building on East Street behind the police station from 8:35 pm to 9:20 pm EDT. Sundown about 8:50 pm Clear sky 356 swifts went into the chimney.
Doris Stickel and David Stokely