A Continent-wide Chimney Swift Roost Monitoring Project


London, ON

Aug 12 and 13, 2007
(compiled and submitted by Winnie Wake)

Location (Date)                     Number   Observer   Number     (Date) of           Last Year
Previous Count   
South Secondary (Au 12)           2       B&J Parker    168       (Au 3/07)           62 (Au 13/06)
Kings College (Au 12)               4       K Collins-        22       (Jn 30/07)           63 (Au 13/06)
Kingsmill's (Au 12)                   6       P Cole                3       (Jl 16/07)            26 (Au 13/06)
Smith Fruit (Au 12)                342      G&E McNeil    13      (Jn 13/07)            23 (Au 15/06)
Emco (Au 12)                             0      J&A Mayos        3       (Jn 9/07)              24 (Au 13/06)
Labatt's garage (Au 12)            64      K&E Auzins    32       (Au 6/07)               3 (Au 13/06)
Ryerson School (Au 12)            11     B&J Attridge      2       (Jn 7/07)              10 (Au 13/06)
Ann Street Storage (Au 12)         8     P&T Rudd          4       (Jl 13/07)                (no data)
388 Dundas (Au 12)                  60     P Tripp           112       (Au 8/07)                (no data)
Dorchester Apts (Au 12)           21     W Wake             2       (Jl 7/07)                15 (Au 12/06)
300 Wellington (Au 13)            15     W Wake           12       (Au 10/07)            10 (Au 11/06)
Riverside Dr greenhouses           -                               27       (Au 2/07)              25 (Au 13/06)
Total                                        533                            261

Racine, WI

Sunday 8/12/07 from 7:58 to 8:23pm CDT, more than 80 Chimney Swifts were observed in downtown Racine WI. Starting about 8:00 we counted 68 individuals descending the commercial chimney at a three story brick retail building at 500 Sixth Street. This is the same chimney we reported last year.

The previous night (8/11/07) flocks were cirdling in that area, but only 3 descended the chimney.

Observers were Muffy Petrick and Marty McMahon of Racine.

Pittsburg, KS

Chimney Swift Count for August 11, 2007

The Sperry-Galligar Audubon has been participating in the "Swift's Night Out" count for the past few years. On August 11, 2007, 14 participants counted five favorite roosting sited for Chimney Swifts in Pittsburg,
Crawford County, Kansas (in extreme southeast Kansas). Report follows:

Temperature at count time approximately 90F. Winds mostly calm with mostly clear skies. Count time ended 8:45 P.M. CDT.

Westside Elementary School - 99, old Washington Elementary School - 10,
Pittsburg Middle School - 29, Lakeside Elementary School - 170, First
Methodist Church - 20. Total of 328 Chimney Swifts.

We plan to participate with the September count, too.

Bob Mangile, Sperry-Galligar Audubon

Omaha, NE

328 Chimney Swift
20:40 to 20:55 CST
1101 S. 16th (16th & Pierce)
Omaha NE.
Abandoned warehouse on sw corner; brick chimney.
Temp. upper 80's F., clear sky.

Lawrence Herbert

Delaware, OH

During three of four evenings this week I have counted Chimney Swifts entering a two-story brick chimney at the south end of the Ohio National Guard Armory at 79 West William Street in Delaware, Ohio. Swifts did not hold back as 661 entered the chimney Monday, and 676 birds were counted the next evening.
On Wednesday, I drove around the city to check four chimneys that had been swift roosts in past years, but found no circling flocks to cause me to stop for a count. As I drove around town, I passed the armory three times to see hundreds of swifts circling but I did not stop to count them. I decided to return to armory on Thursday for an accurate observation.

Thursday, I watched more than Chimney Swifts. I was sitting in my chair in the tree lawn along the parking lot at Tim Horton's Restaurant when at 15:55, a raccoon's head emerged from an eight-inch square clay tile at the corner of the armory. I suspect that the tile leads to an air intake vent. The raccoon took a peak, saw me, and sunk back into its hiding place. Circling swifts also detected the rascal, dispersed, but soon returned.  The first swift entered the large chimney at 20:04. Soon after, the three-quarter grown raccoon emerged to stretch out on the concrete collar surrounding its clay cave. It proceeded to groomed itself and scratch a few fleas as the swifts freaked out to fly higher in the sky. The masked rascal grew tired of me watching it and returned to its tile abode.

Seven minutes later, Frank Germann arrived and hurriedly set up his camera just before the raccoon decided to become a celebrity and emerged to pose for the camera. Unfortunately, the raccoon decided to climb up the roof's gable to the top of the swift's chimney where it spent several minutes. As the raccoon burned up value minutes trying to descend into the large chimney, circling swifts became frustrated and started to leave the area in search of a safer sanctuary without furry threats. I am sure many flew to the old jail, now the Delaware County law Library at 20 West Central Ave., several blocks away. For the swifts, spending the night in the retired slammer was the safest alternative. As for the raccoon, it walked to the unseen side of the roof where, most likely, it descended to hunt the Delaware Run, a small stream that flows along the armory's boundary. Or, the hungry mammal might have dined on cat food offered to free- roaming pets and feral disease vectors that are commonly seen in most urban neighborhoods.

I offer the following observations:
Monday, 13 August 2007. 78 degrees F., clear sky - 661 swifts entered
between 19:53 and 21:08.
Tuesday, 14 August 2007. 75 degrees F., clear sky - 676 swifts - 20:23 -
Thursday, 16 August 2007. 82 degrees F., overcast - RACCOON - 320 swifts
- 20:04 - 20:52.

Swift on, Dick Tuttle

Libertyville, IL

I am so excited to find your website. Some friends and I were going to our cars in an adjacent parking lot when we all stopped to watch this bizarre sight. There was lots of speculation as to what kind of animal/bird that we were seeing. They thought it was bats but by the way they were flying I knew they were birds. I have never seen such unusual behavior before, all the swarming and swooping into the chimney. At first it was like a big black moving cloud, and over the course of 20 minutes they all entered the chimney and disappeared. I hope this information is helpful to you- Elizabeth Winters

Number counted---aprox. 500+
0830 PM Central time
August 17, 2007
Masonic Hall, 356 Brainerd Avenue, Libertyville, Illinois, U.S.A.
two story 3 x 3 brick open chimney on a meeting hall
clear skies, dry, slight breeze, 75 degrees

Dunwoody, GA

I am fortunate to have witnessed to swifts at dusk, at first I thought I had may be 15 swifts residing in my home's chimney however I discovered in the last week that I have approximately 123 swifts that go to bed between 8:30 PM and 8:50 PM each evening. My neighbor witnessed it with me. What a sight. It was just amazing. Here is the information you asked for.

Number: 123
8:30 PM EST
August 10, 2007 first sighting
Location: Chimney in my home
5220 Kimblewick Cove, Dunwoody, GA 30338
Hot and Dry

Pam Beaubian