A Continent-wide Chimney Swift Roost Monitoring Project


Middleton, NS

I visited the chimney in Middleton, Nova Scotia, Canada on August 10, 2007 at 2030 hrs. We estimated approximately 300 swifts went into the chimney at the high school that evening. Linda Derry

Front Royal, VA

We observed approximately 500 + chimney swifts entering a chimney in a commercial building in Front Royal VA, just behind the DMV building last night, August 17th. I believe you will be getting an official count from a local Audubon person who is participating in your official count.  Emily Huttar

Tawas City, MI

0 swifts, 8:45-9:30pm, Eastern Daylight Time, August 10, 2007, Tawas Area High School, 255 W. Highway M-55, Tawas City, MI 48763, building incinerator/furnace brick chimney, 8'x8' x 40' high, clear
sky, no wind, 70F.

2 swifts, 9:00pm, EDT, August 11, 2007, Tawas St. Joseph's Hospital, M-55, Tawas City, MI 48763, building incinerator/furnace brick chimney, 8'x8'x 40' high, clear sky, no wind, 70F.

175 swifts, 9:00-9:20pm, EDT, August 12, 2007, Iosco County Courthouse, US-23 South, Tawas City, MI 48763, building incinerator/ furnace brick chimney, 8'x8'x40' high, slight breeze from East, 70F.

Thank you for this effort.  Swiftly yours, Larry VanWagoner

Elkhart, IN

Just wanted to touch base and let you know that Shirley Needham gave a wonderful presentation to 44 very interested people about Chimney Swifts the weekend of the Swift Night Out in August! Afterwards we headed over to the Rice School Chimney Swift tower - only several birds had used the tower the few nights before and one observant volunteer found a flock the night before a few blocks down the road at the High School. We car pooled down there and had a great show! (numbers below). Shirley thought that perhaps our Rice Tower birds have migrated since we were seeing 100 to 200 most of the summer.

Number of swifts counted: 280
Time (and time zone): 9 PM (eastern daylight)
Date: August 10, 2007
Location: Elkhart Central High School
Address: Elkhart, Indiana

Weather conditions may also be reported: beautiful, calm evening - lower 80s. Clear skies.
Ronda J. DeCaire

Wimberley, TX

The Wimberley Birding Society held a Night Out at our "new" Chimney Swift tower located in the Patsy Glenn Refuge in Wimberley on Aug 10, 2007. The weather was perfect. We had 10 WBS members in attendance and saw a grand total of "0" swifts. They just haven't found our lovely tower yet!

We plan on trying again in Sept!

Lakewood, OH

I just wanted to drop you a line, that in Lakewood, there is a roost of about 60 Chimney Swifts. It's located across the street from 1328 Ethel. It's the house right by the tracks....I get to watch 'em every evening, since I live in the house across the street.

Oxford, OH

Number of swifts counted........0
Time (and time zone)........8 pm Eastern Daylight Savings
Date.......Sat Aug 11
Location.......Sawyer Smokestack, Miami University
Address: city, state/province.......Oxford OH 45056
Broad description of the site, e.g. school, warehouse, residence, Chimney Swift Tower, etc......Age-old, now unused, physical facilities smokestack made of brick
Weather conditions may also be reported........clear and sunny, 86*, no wind

This Aug count is a full month earlier than our usual one. One lone swift FLEW BY and didn't even enter the chimney. Down the road at an old High School chimney however several hundred swifts entered to roost, so a couple of us returned to Sawyer Smokestack the following evening and counted 38 bats coming OUT of the chimney. Could this be why there are no swifts? The Sept count may tell us, when we normally count thousands of swifts roosting in Sawyer Smokestack.  Debra Bowles

Portsmouth, Ohio

The week ending August 17 I thought I noticed not hearing as many night hawks and swifts as I was accustomed to hearing. I live in the heart of downtown Portsmouth, Ohio -(populaiton 20,000). There are
perhaps 6 old churches, houses and empty buildings within a quarter mile of mine. I am surrounded by parking lots. I went out about 8:30 to see what I could see. The temp. was in the mid 80's by then,
beautiful clear sky. I finally realized the swifts must have been doing some sort of swarming behaviour. I estimate there were 100 - 150. It was hard to be certain, as a small cloud would fly over me, south about a half mile over the Ohio River. There they would break into 2 circling groups, then break apart and go 2 directions. Then another swarm would fly over me, and duplicate the 2 circling groups, and break apart. I watched for perhaps 15 minutes, and never did determination where they were going to roost. There were more than I normally see in one location down here. I came in the house before they roosted. It was a beautiful sight to admire. I also noticed that I did not hear their usual chattering noise, but a more muted noise of some sort. I wasn't sure it was swifts at first. Perhaps they were too far away?

Linda Donaldson

Bible Hill, NS

Interesting to see different spots where the Chimney Swifts are congregating, either still or again. As you might have guessed from my absence of reports, the Bible Hill chimney (NSAC) has not been very busy since Hurricane Wilma. Very few Chimney Swifts in the spring. Earlier in the week before Aug 11th past I counted just one swift flying. There must be a pair nesting somewhere as I've heard and seen two swifts while at the Farmer's Market Saturday mornings in Truro. At the same time, since Wilma, there is a much larger number of swifts in the New Glasgow area, about 40 minutes east of the Truro/Bible Hill area.
Best Regards, Linda Hall

Saint-Jean-Baptiste, Manitoba

Here are the informations:
Number of swifts counted: 4
Time (and time zone): 8:30PM Central time
Date: August 12th 2007
Address: city, state/province: Saint-Jean-Baptiste, Manitoba, Canada, R0G 2B0
Broad description: chimney of presbytary (rectory)
Weather conditions may also be reported: clear sky
Have a good day!

Luc Blanchette

Wolfville, NS

I haven't contributed anything from Wolfville for the August dates, so I had
better do my homework and send something in:

Aug. 10/07 -- 29 Wolfville chimney swifts -- Ted Wolkowski, Jim Wolford
Aug. 11 -- ??
Aug. 12 -- 16 Wolfville chimney swifts -- Ted Wolkowski

Cheers from Jim in Wolfville