A  Continent-wide Chimney Swift Roost Monitoring Project


Belfast, ME

Number Entering Roost: 41
Time: 7:23 - 7:40 PM EDT
Date: 8/12/2007
Location: Church St. & Elm St.
Address: Belfast, Maine
Site: 2 story brick former school house (ca 1920), with parking area and play-yard; brick chimney, re-pointed above roofline (upper 15 +/- feet)
Weather: approx. 65 degrees F, overcast, wind still
Hope this helps,   George Klueber

Racine, WI

August 11th

Members of the Hoy Audubon Club in Racine, Wisconsin, monitored two towers in downtown Racine.

26 roosted in an apartment building chimney at 1024 S. Main Street

68 roosted in an abandoned commercial building on the Corner of Park and 6th Streets

Sunset is approximately 8:15 Central time. The weather was warm and fairly still--80 degrees and 5 mph wind with scattered clouds.

I have erected two towers in Iowa County--1 mile west of Highland, Wisconsin, and monitored one of them on August 11th. No swifts roosted there. The next morning I was sitting by the other tower and there was a
swift that circled it....hope. I will keep you updated.

Thank you for your excellent publication. I always learn something new, and feel re-connected to the Swift Conservation movement after reading it.  Helen Pugh

Bristol, CT

Sunday, August 12, 2007
58 Chimney Swifts
Terry Commons(an old school, renovated into an office building)
Route 229 Bristol CT 06010
7:40-8:15 EST
Clear, cool
We had a high count of 106 a week earlier. I rehabilitate Chimney Swifts and release at this site. Released 21 at this site within the past 2-3 weeks.  Jayne Amico

Wolfville, NS

Paul, note the entry for Aug. 11/07 for New Glasgow -- 43 swifts counted by Ken McKenna -- more info' for SWIFTS NIGHT OUT? (unless you got that from Ken earlier?).

Everybody else amend my last list of chimney swift dates and numbers for Wolfville -- for Aug. 22, change only 2 swifts to ony 4 swifts -- not a huge change!

And I have added the dates and numbers of this year's New Glasgow swifts, sent by Ken McKenna, for the Temperance Street School chimney, below the note for Wolfville.
SWIFTS were counted by Ted Wolkowski -- observations from 8:04 to 8:50 p.m. (Sunset 8:11) -- 2 swifts entered chimney at 8:04, 1 at 8:12, 1 OUT at 8:14 and then right back IN, 1 more in at 8:21 -- clear, calm, 16 C.

SWIFTS counted by Ted Wolkowski -- observations from 7:50 to 8:30 p.m. (Sunset 8:09) -- 3 swifts entered chimney at 7:55 -- overcast, breeze from SW, 19 C.
Ken McKenna: New Glasgow, Temperance St. School, nos. of chimney swifts counted at dusk:

May 7/07 -- 1
May 8 -- 24
May 9 -- 24
May 10 -- 31
May 12 -- 140 (counted by Liz Doull)
May 25 -- 760 ****YES!! WOW!!****
May 26 --268
May 31 -- 160
June 6 -- 249
June 13 -- 357
June 15 -- 174
July 3 -- 70
July 22 -- 137
July 25 -- 106
July 29 -- 167
Aug. 9 -- 101
Aug. 11 -- 43

Cheers from Jim in Wolfville

Louisville, KY

I went to 2 local sites where I know Chimney Swifts roost:

1) Ascencion School (adjacent to Ascension Church) Louisville, Kentucky
8/11/07 --approx 20 (probably a family group as I enjoy watching them fly over my house nearby
from mid-April until early October)
Time: 9:00 -9:15PM EDT
Weather Conditions: Hot, but otherwise good viewing

2) Jewish Community Center Dutchmans Lane Louisville, Kentucky
8/12/07 9:00PM-9:30PM ---est. 500+
Weather was hot, but otherwise clear; For approx. 20 minutes the birds swarmed around the chimney and formed three lines downward toward the chimney -the birds in the center line appearing to go in the
chimney, and one line going to the right and the other to the left (Dizzying to try to count!); it was essentially dark when the birds began dropping in quickly by 5's and 10's....and I believe the last 4-5
did not get in the chimney (full!) and went somewhere nearby. I checked the roost last night -some birds already dropping in when I arrived ---I counted at least 460, with a few apparently not able to fit in(!)....
Barbara Woerner

Houston, TX

A group of 3 people gathered on Tuesday, 8/21/07, to count chimney swifts. The numbers at Whole Foods increased to 383 swifts from the count last week of 249 swifts.

I've been reading about Chimney Swifts and thought I would share some of the information I have learned. One of the most distinctive physical feature of the Chimney Swift is its tail. The central shaft of each of the ten tail feathers ends in a sharp, exposed point. The genus name Chaetura has its derivation from the Greek chaite, meaning "stiff hair, bristle, or spine," and oura, meaning "tail": therefore, "spine-tailed."

Pam Smolen

Kenduskeag, ME

Dear Folks at Driftwood --  Here is our Swifts Night Out report for 2007. On Sat., Aug. 11, we sat until almost dark, observing our unused chimney, which is the swifts' roost and nursery. Seven swifts went to bed in it that night.. Seven is the usual number we have seen this y ear on our side of the river. We think there is another oost on the other side of the stream, but we've not been able to locate it.
The last day the swifts were seen here was sometime between Aug. 18 and 20.
Keep up the good work!  Charles and Mary Dorchester

Portsmouth, Ohio

I can't believe this, but I have used swifts and night hawks for years - as an indicator of summer and fall. It appears both have all but totally departed from here. The daily temps. are still in the 90s, nights in the 60s and 70s, the humidity stays in the 90% range. There has been enough rain I should think the mosquitoes still rampage. But I have seen nor heard more then 2-3 swifts at a time, in the evening - and no night hawks - for most of last week.  Linda Donaldson