A  Continent-wide Chimney Swift Roost Monitoring Project


Jonestown, TX

Travis Audubon Society field trip report:
Number of swifts counted - 1,750
Time (and time zone) - 8:00 PM CST
Date - September 8, 2007
Location - FM 1431, across from True Grits restaurant
Address: city, state/province - Jonestown, TX
Broad description of the site, e.g. school, warehouse, residence, Chimney Swift Tower, etc. - abandoned cement cistern
Weather conditions may also be reported - partly cloudy, mid 80s deg F

Kathy McCormack

New Martinsville, WV

460 swifts
7:46 through 8:10 EDT
Sept. 9, 2007
corner of Main and North Street
New Martinsville, WV
entering chimney at the church
overcast rained shortly after finishing count
Wilma Jarrell

Abilene, TX

On Sept. 8th we first notice Chimney Swifts going into one of our chimneys. So on Sept. 9th we watched the chimney for their arrival and counted them as they descended into the chimney.
# of swifts counted - 178
Sept. 9, 2007
7:50 Central time
Abilene, TX
697 Westwood
The site is the fireplace in the game room behind our house.
The weather was cloudy with a very light mist.
Ray and Peggi Gooch

Elkhart, Indiana

Counted 134 swifts
around sundown, 8 p.m. EDT Sept 9, 2007
1515 Morehouse Avenue
Elkhart, Indiana
private home
weather was clear
Mary Jane Hiles and Connie Fowler
This may be the same house reported and counted September 8th, at the end of Morehouse Avenue

Pittsburg, KS.

Partly cloudy, calm and 76 degrees during count period. Fourteen (14) participants from the Sperry-Galligar Audubon counted five chimneys for a total of 509 Chimney Swifts. Last swifts entered chimneys about 8:03 P.M.

Interestingly, there were 340 Swifts counted at the Pittsburg Middle School last September 9, 2006 but this year there were "none"! We added a new count roost at the local Morning Sun newspaper building. It
appears that the First Methodist Church, Lakeside & Westside schools are the reliable roosts - with larger numbers from year to year - and they are have largest chimneys, too. Below is our results.

194 - Lakeside School
250 - Westside School
Zero - Pittsburg Middle School
15 --- Morning Sun newspaper building
50 --- First Methodist Church
509 - Total

Bob Mangile, Sperry-Galligar Audubon 

Vandalia, OH

Hi there!  Same 2 places I counted a months ago.:
750 swifts, downtown Dayton, OH at 1st and Patterson, 9/9/07, Warehouse (Lincoln Storage), cool, cloudless night.  1250 swifts, Vandalia, OH on National Rd, Morton JHS, 9/8/07, cool cloudy night
both of the above started roosting at approx 8:00 EST.  Matt Stoermer

London, ON

Here are the results of the most recent weekly counts for London, Ontario's Swift Watch.

Location                               (Date)        Number           Observer
Kings College                       (Se 9)           1067         Kate Collins-Thompson
Kingsmill's Dept Store         (Se 9)               34         Patricia Cole & Susan Legeza
Smith Fruit Company           (Se 9)                 8         Gail & Ed McNeil 10/06)
Labatt's brewery garage       (Se 10)            900         Karen & Eric Auzins
Ryerson School                    (Se 10)              13         Barry & Joan Attridge
Ann Street Storage                 (Se 9)              11         Pamela & Tony Rudd
388 Dundas office bldg          (Se 8)            277         Pat Tripp
Dorchester Apts                      (Se 9)           198         Winifred Wake
300 Wellington office bldg     (Se 10)           21         Winifred Wake
Riverside Drive greenhouses  (Se 9)             24          Blaine Prentice
Total                                                             2553

Best regards, Winnie Wake

Herndon, VA

A very active weekend so far for Chimney Swifts.   
Friday night, Sept. 7, observers estimated 3,500-4,000 entering the chimney at Luther Jackson Middle School, Falls Church, VA 22042.
Saturday night, Sept. 8, we estimate around 3,000-3,500 entered the chimney at the same location.
We did not keep the numbers from last year, but believe this year's count is nearly twice what it was last year.  Jay and Carol Hadlock

Memphis, TN

Due to conflicts, Carolyn Bullock and I were not able to count swifts until one day late. (Sept. 10) We think our numbers were outstanding and wanted to report them. We counted a total of 4007. We were on site from 6:54 to 7:41 PM CDT at the Old Laundry chimney at Shelby Farms located in Shelby County and within the city limits of Memphis. The swifts' behavior was different this year perhaps due to rain
falling during part of the count. Instead of swirling around the chimney several times before entering, the swifts approached and dropped in almost immediately, making it more difficult to count ... We did our best. Virginia Reynolds

West Milton, OH

We just wanted to report in with results to Swift Night Out.
September 8, 2007 # of Swifts: 85 Location: Milton-Union Elementary West Milton, OH 45383 Weather Conditions: 80/storming Number of Participants: 4
September 10, 2007 # of Swifts: 276 Location: Milton-Union High School (located across the street from M-U Elem.) West Milton, OH 45383 Weather Conditions: 73/clear Number of Participants: 2
Looking forward to doing it again next year!
Becky Crow Brukner Nature Center Curator of Wildlife