A Nation-wide Chimney Swift Roost Monitoring Project


Milford Center, OH

I counted only 3 swifts who entered the chimney of our home on Saturday, August 9, 2008 at 8:43 pm EST. I am located near Milford Center, OH and the weather was fair. I was disappointed as last year we had at least 8 swifts roosting in our chimney.


Greer, SC

Number Counted: 115
Time: 8:15 to 8:50
Date: Sunday August 10, 2008
Location: Starlight Ballroom, Randall Street, downtown Greer, SC. This is an old store building now used for dancing lessons, scheduled gatherings, etc. The chimney is located at the back of the building with a good view from the parking lot located behind the building.
Weather: clear, few clouds, warm

Hilda Reese

Sutherlin, OR

Swifts have been using our 5 year old brick chimney for the past 4 summers. By the volume of noise in spring it seems to be a temporary stop over for a number of birds with a few staying to nest. Last week one pair fledged a brood of 3 chicks. Another pair is still feeding their chicks in the chimney. Hope this helps the counting process.

Pat Dickinson

Spotsylvania, VA

6 swifts (most we have ever had!) From the chattering this year, they may have had a very big brood.
10 August, 2008
8:20- 8:30 pm Eastern
Home chimney where they have been breeding for the last 3 years ever since our house was built
Spotsylvania, VA 22551

Anthony Wilbur

Smithfield, VA

I observed the following:

Number of swifts counted: Approvimately 160

Time (and time zone) 8:15 pm eastern

Date August 11, 2008

Location Smithfield, VA

Address: city, state/province

Broad description of the site, e.g. school, warehouse, residence, Chimney Swift Tower, etc. Tall chimney on back of an old building (Geo. W. Delk Department Store) in downtown historic Smithfield.

Weather conditions may also be reported. 78 F, dusk, slight breeze

This was so cool! My kids and I went for a walk in town at dusk and saw this "cyclone" of birds behind one of the old stores. When we got closer, we could see them diving into the chimney, 3-4 at a time. Within 15 minutes, they were all gone! It was an incredible sight. I can't wait to go back and look for them again now that I know where they are.

Lynn Briggs

Newton, KS

Number of swifts counted: 487
* Time: completely in the chimney at 9:05 p.m.
* Date: Friday, August 8
* Location: Newton, Kansas
* Broad description of the site: Chimney on the main building on the grounds of Youthville, a residential facility for troubled youth.  There are some open areas, trees, and houses in the neighborhood. 
Weather conditions may also be reported: Calm, partly cloudy, and
low-mid 80s.

Cheryl Miller

Shorewood, WI

Number of swifts counted:  25

Time (and time zone):  7:30 - 8:30 Central

Date:  Sunday, 8/10/08

Location:  Corner of Prospect and Capitol

Address: city, state/province:  Shorewood, Wisconsin, USA

Broad description of the site, e.g. school, warehouse, residence, Chimney Swift Tower, etc.
Apartment Building

Weather conditions may also be reported.  Clear, light northerly wind, about 67 degrees F

Paul Hunter

Rochester, MN

8 birds
8:15 PM
8 1/2 Ave and 16th St SE, Rochester, MN
Fire place chimney
Clear night about 70 degrees
These birds have been in this area for several years. This is a smaller number of birds than past years.
Chuck Krulas

Austin, TX

I went back to O'Henry last night, with a clicker.  I clicked 1277 birds and Julia Heskitt (who was with me) and I agreed that we missed about 200 birds. They were pouring into the chimney at one point.  Does that change your count any It feels more accurate than my guess the night before.  The night before at the end of the descent into the chimney, there was still one bird who flew around and around the chimney about five times. Then he went in. I wondered if he was waiting for more birds and just checking. But last night no bird did that.  What a wonderful spectacle. I am so glad I did it.

Priscilla Murr