A Nation-wide Chimney Swift Roost Monitoring Project


Brampton, ON

We counted the Swifts at the corner of Mississauga and Embleton Roads in Brampton, Ontario, Canada on August 8th ..They entered an old brick Chimney about 40 ft tall attached to an old stone mill with a flat roof. We had 36 birds with the first entering at 8.22 pm Eastern Daylight Time and the last at 9.04.
It was calm, warm and overcast.

Ross Evans

Racine, WI

Location: Racine, Downtown, Chimney Swifts
Observation date: 8/9/08
Notes: Going to roost in small chimney at Park Av. and 6th St.--Old
Allah Rug Co. Building

Chimney Swift 43

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Helen Pugh

Ashville, NC

Number of swifts counted: 96
Time (and time zone): 2010-2040 EDT
Date: 08/09/08
Location: Longchamps Condominiums 185 Macon Ave.
Address: Asheville, NC 28804
Unused boiler chimney in a 1925 circa apartment building. Observed on the roof.
Partly cloudy sky temperature 77F.

Darr Conradson

Dayton, TX

Tonight we counted over 400 swifts going to roost in the old rice dryer in Dayton. Our big 'ol coon was back tonight. He climbed over the ledge above the entrance and sit in the opening, just like he did last time, for a long time. When one of our guys walked across the street he went back up over the ledge, but it was getting pretty dark by the time he left and the swifts were able to enter. He looked like he was just sitting there looking at us as we looked at him.

Barbara Tilton

Elkhart, IN

Old Rice School Tower
Friday August 8th
9 PM
115 Chimney Swifts
Clear and dry weather.
A group of 8 citizens met earlier in the evening at the Elkhart Environmental Center to learn about chimney swifts. We then went over to the old Rice School Tower that was preserved specifically for the roosting birds several summers ago when the school was torn down. Last year the swifts had already left this tower during this count, so we were happy to find a large group of them!

Ronda J. DeCaire

Oakman, GA

Number of swifts counted 4
Time (and time zone) 8:30 EST Date 8/8/08
Location Carters Lake (Songbird Trail)
Address: city, state/province Oakman, GA
Broad description of the site, e.g. school, warehouse, residence, Chimney Swift Tower, etc. Chimney Swift Tower
Weather: Clear

Number of swifts counted 1
Time (and time zone) 8:50 EST Date 8/10/08
Location Carters Lake (Warehouse)
Address: city, state/province Oakman, GA
Broad description of the site, e.g. school, warehouse, residence, Chimney Swift Tower, etc. Chimney Swift Tower by warehouse
Weather: Clear

Jonathon Beard

Winterset, IA

August 14, 2008, Winterset, Iowa at the Rotary Chimney Swift tower built in 2007 located on the Winterset Community Schools outdoor classroom. Occupied for the 2nd year the tower fledged 3 swifts and we counted 5 go to roost on a misty evening.

Robert Kaldenberg

Tullahoma, TN

# of Chimney Swifts: 387
Time: Started at 7:30 p.m., last swift into the chimney just before 8:15 p.m.
Date: August 8
Location: Tullahoma High School, Tullahoma, TN
Description of site: Tall chimney at school, near greenway and mixed residential/business
Weather: Mostly clear, warm
Thanks so much for coordinating this project. We really enjoyed participating, especially since we were able to bring 2 novice birders with us. We also got to see a Common Nighthawk circling high above the swifts and loudly vocalizing - and we heard or saw several other species of birds. A very enjoyable evening. We're looking forward to participating again next year, now that we have found such a great roost site. Hopefully we'll be able to rally the troops to monitor the roost all 3 nights of the count in August.

LouAnn Partington,

Westtown, PA

My family counted approximately 45 swifts at 8:15 PM on Saturday August 9th at Westtown School in Westtown PA.


Houston, TX

We counted 211 swifts at Whole Foods on Tuesday evening.

Charles Ottenweller counted 225 swifts at Whole Foods on Thursday evening.

It is interesting to note that the numbers remained fairly constant from Tues. to Thurs. We might see fluctuations due to migration.

I counted about 20 swifts at the Southwestern Bell building near Richmond and Montrose.

Please join us on Tuesday evenings at Whole Foods on Bellaire. We are meeting about 8:00 pm now that the sun is setting earlier.

Pam Smolen