A Nation-wide Chimney Swift Roost Monitoring Project


River Forest, IL

I had to watch on Aug 16, around 8pm. At 7300 West Lake St in River Forest, Il 60305 there are 5 small condos with one chimney each. I counted 5 birds flying around at one time but I'm sure there were more. I focused on one chimney and counted 3 birds going in. I saw some birds going in one other chimney but didn't keep track. No big flocks but definitely some swifts.


Staten Island, NY

On 8/13, Wednesday, estimated 30 Chimney Swifts going into a brick chimney on the NYS Armory at Manor Road and Martling Avenue. Observation time was from 7:45 to 8:15 PM EST. Pleasent but hazy.
On 8/16, Saturday, estimated 30 to 40 Chimney Swifts entering the chimney. Clear pleasent evening and the time spent observing was from 7:50 to 8:15 PM EST.

The Armory is surrounded by a field and parking lot with residential houses across the street. Clove Lakes Park is on on side of the Armory.

Counts are entered into eBird (www.ebird.org.)

All summer there have been Chimney Swifts at Blessed Sacrament Church at Forest Avenue and Manor Road.  The church is across the street from me. I have not seen them for about two weeks now.

Catherine Barron

Holland, MI

August, 2008 SNO Report

Date      # Birds      Time (PM)                  Comments

8/9             94        9:04 - 9:19      136 E. 8th St, 5' sq, 60' high

8/10           96        9:04 -9:14                         ditto

8/14         162        9:00 - 9:10                        ditto

Note: These are lower figures than recent years for this part of town, but I have reports from two untrained friends that they are seeing Swifts at two other different chimneys in other parts of town.  I expect these birds to come together at a larger chimney in about 3 weeks. I will report again then for the Sept. SNO.

J. D. "Dave" Benedict

Eugene, OR

I'm sure you'll hear about the huge number of vaux swifts in the old chimney on 17th and Agate near the University -- there are hundreds there every year, and I think they usually are well-recorded.

However, here is a new site that should be of interest:  About 200 Vaux's Swifts have collected in a chimney in my neighbor's house in the southwest hills at Eugene, OR 97405. We have watched in fascination over the past week as they've swirled over the cul-de-sac of houses and then entered the chimney just before sunset.

Sandy Rodgers

Southern Pines, NC

Hey - had about 100 swifts going into a small brick chimney in Southern Pines, NC. Near the intersection of Broad St. and New Hampshire St.

Date 8/21/08. Time was 8:15 EST. Weather was overcast about 84 degrees. Light winds from the southeast. Chimney is located next to a parking lot for hotel, bars/restaurants and is approximately 30 feet tall. The
building and chimney are not in use.  Thanks - have a great day.

Scott Hartley

Austin, TX

Number of swifts: 565

Time: 8:06PM to 8:28PM

Date: August 21, 2008

Location: AFL-CIO Building, Austin, Texas

Site description: a chimney (about 50 feet tall) attached to the building

Weather: a rain shower had passed through about 2 hours earlier. Humid. Mostly cloudy.

John Kelly

Peninsula, OH

FYI, here's the result of last night's Swifts at Sundown program. We had 18 people there, representing 3 counties (Cuyahoga, Summit & Portage). One woman, a homeschool mom, asked for more information to get involved; she said she had her "eyes opened" to these birds. An older gentleman said he'll start watching the chimney at the old factory in his town. That's what it's all about!

Location: Woodridge Intermediate School - Peninsula
Observation date: 8/21/08
Notes: This effort was part of an outdoor education program sponsored by
Cleveland Metroparks, with the gracious permission of the Woodridge
Intermediate School administration.
Number of species: 1

Chimney Swift 480 Swifts began entering the 3-story, masonry chimney at 8:25 and ended at 8:40 p.m. Temperature in the low 80s, humid, with high, thin cloud cover.

Debra Shankland

Richland Hills, TX

On Aug 8, 2008 we watched only about 15 swifts come & go over a 40 minute period from approx 8:20 pm until dark at Richland High School, Holiday Lane & Loop 820 in N Richland Hills, TX. On this particular night it was hot, no breeze & no clouds and we had a great view just very few swifts. The swifts have been coming for years to an old chimney stack that's in the middle of the High School. There is a lot of construction going on as the school is being remodeled and there are presently plans for the chimney to be torn down in the next 12 to 15 months. Prior to Swift Night Out it was not unusual to see possibly 100 swifts fill the sky before dusk as they glided & dipped through the sky gobbling up insects.

Our back yard faces west so we can always enjoy the swifts leaving the chimney as the sun is starting to set. We've enjoyed them for 17 years but we have neighbors that have been in their homes over 40 years and have been watching them much longer than we have.

Our greatest concern is "Who will eat the Mosquitos" if the chimney comes down?
I hope this is helpful in keeping a count. It's quite difficult to count swifts, kind of like counting fleas I guess.

Sandy Dunn