A Nation-wide Chimney Swift Roost Monitoring Project


Parma, OH

Here is my 2008 Chimney Swift data for Dentzler Elementary School. I collected this data while visiting my family in Parma.

Location name: Dentzler Elementary School
Location address: 3600 Dentzler Road, Parma, Ohio 44134
Latitude: 41 22' 17.04"
Longitude: 81 42' 28.93"
Geodata source: Google Earth

Observation Data:

Date / Time of Observation / Number of swifts entering chimney

2008 July 5 9:22-9:37 p.m. 319 swifts.
2008 July 7 9:17-9:34 p.m. 287 swifts. Harder to count this day due to darker sky (clouds).

I hope this information is helpful.

Claire Kluskens

Dayton, TX

Tonight we counted 558 swifts as they went to roost in the old rice dryer in Dayton. Each week the number of swifts going into the rice dryer have dramatically increased. Ten folks joined us this week to help count.

Renie O'Connor

Joplin, MO

I had 250 Chimney Swifts go to roost at the North Middle School on August 30. Joplin (sw) MO.
I hope to check that beautiful chimney at Galena (extreme se KS.) next weekend.

Also hope to get a couple of counts in weekend of Sept. 13, if all goes well.

Larry Herbert

Cleveland, OH

Swift Report

Date: August 28, 2008

Time: 6:50 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Location: Lonnie Burten Recreation Center 2511 E. 46th

Broad Description of site: Recreation center nestled into the center of the 1935 housing
authority complex in the city of Cleveland. This area has three chimney stacks in the general location that has been in the past brooding ground for swifts.

Weather conditions: Cloudy, 65 degrees

Birds sited: 50 chimney swifts

Attendance: 53 people

Demetrius L. Lambert-Falconer

Staunton, VA

My report of migrating Chimney Swift follows:
2215 Chimney Swifts counted
7:30 pm to 8:05 pm (35 minutes)
September 3, 2008
Stuart Hall High School
45 to 50 foot high incinerator chimney located on grounds of private school in the center of the city of Staunton, Virginia
Weather conditions were warm
2 observers: Jo King and Kitty Sheets

Jo King

Dayton, TX

Tonight we counted 215 chimney swifts as they went to roost in the old rice dryer in Dayton. This is way down from the 558 counted last week.

Barbara Tilton

Wheeling, WV

I have viewed and counted chimney swifts for the last several weeks at Bridge Street Middle School in Wheeling WV., several blocks from my house. I have been the only observer each night, although events
ranging from football practice to teacher in service have caused parking and walking in the area; skateboarders also frequent the cement courtyards, seemingly as oblivious of the swifts as the birds are to them.  In the middle of the 3-story rectangular brick school (ca 40's?) juts a high chimney several stories taller. As per their habit, the birds gather about 7:45 pn EDT and are all entered by approaching darkness about 8:20 pm. I counted birds several night prior to these last 2 entries--if you like I can check records and e-mail also. But the 2 latest I recorded for e-mail here at work.  On Sat 8/30-- 1965 birds.  Last night Fri 9/5 2020 birds.

I counted birds while entering a few early on, then a constant stream by 8:20 pm EDT...obviously counting by 5's or even 10's during the bulk of the entry. I feel the second count more "accurate" although a bit
more conservative--birds entered more slowly and I was able to count by 5's most of the time.

Both nights were fair, calm and lightly cloudy w/primarily cirrus clouds; temp's on low 80's.

For background: I am 52 years old, with vivid memories of swirling swifts through my twenties at St Marks Lutheran Church just 1/2 block from my house; this chimney was vented about 10 years ago, and I did not realize until this year that swifts still autumn roosted in the area until I walked past Bridge St in early August and saw about 45-50 birds in the vicinity. Then I started checking regularly.  The max count for breeding "yard bird" swifts this year was 7--almost every day thru June a chevron of seven chirping birds would swoop over the houses --up to 12 after that (fledges?) This group stopped being seen late July--seems the birds hunt very high over the hills after this date.

Michael Dietrich

Midlothian, VA

I have observed in the past months a chimney on a house in my block of seven houses that is open at the top and chimney swifts going in at times. Today, Sunday Sept 7th, I observed this chimney from 5:45 pm until
8:00 pm. I did not see any swifts enter but did observe chimney swifts in the area above the houses as follows:

6:50 pm 2 chimney swifts very high
7:07 pm 2 chimney swifts very high
7:11 pm 3 chimney swifts lower in sky
7:20 pm 1 chimney swift low in sky
7:32 pm 2 chimney swifts low in sky near chimney
7:33 pm 1 chimney swift low in sky near chimney

These were the same chimney swifts I am sure so there were a total of 3 I feel. I did not see them enter the chimney and waited until it was moderately dark (and being eaten by mosquitoes and circled by a bat!!).  They may be rousting some where else but chimney swifts have used this chimney this year.