A Nation-wide Chimney Swift Roost Monitoring Project


Austin, TX

Elaine Rushing and I counted Chimney Swifts at the Burnet Road location last weekend. We counted around 730 birds. That count may be too low because the property that is attached to the incinerator is being torn down, and a fence was around the whole lot. We counted from a poor vantage point in the parking garage of apts. behind the Burnet Rd. property. I believe that the incinerator will be gone soon, and this will be our last count for that roost.

Barbara Anderson

Newton, NJ

Count done 9/14/08 6:45 to 7:20 PM
Newton, New Jersey Hospital chimney
45 plus 6 that flew away from the chimney just before dark

Giselle Chazotte Smisko

Westfield, OH

Number counted: 42
Time: 7:40 pm till 8:40 pm
Date: Aug. 10, 2008
Location: Westfield Center Elementary School, Ohio
Description of site: older school
Weather: Light rain, followed by clearing (~8 pm)
Comments: Birds may have entered chimney before we arrived, because of rain. 2 observers

Number counted: 356
Time: 7:40 pm till 8:05 pm
Date: Sept. 13, 2008
Location: Westfield Center Elementary School, Ohio
Description of site: older school
Weather: Clear, 30% cloud cover
Comments: 3 observers

Helen and Ken Ostermiller

Elizabethtown, KY

In response to your request, I am pleased to report counting an estimated 900 chimney swifts entering four chimneys in downtown Elizabethtown, KY, on 14 Sept. More than 800 dove into the Masonic building chimney and the remainder into two chimneys on my property.

This report is tardy because remnants of Hurricane Ike caused a widespread wind storm in this part of the country, knocking out my Internet service until recently.

Jerry Leitzell

Maplewood, MO

There are two major roost I've been viewing at very large chimneys at schools in the St. Louis area. Each hosts probably 500 to 1,000 swifts. These gather about 7:10 p.m. CST now (Sept. 21) on clear evenings. All are in by 7:30.
Locations:  Bristol Elementary School 20 Gray Ave  Webster Groves, MO 63119 and Maplewood High School 7539 Manchester Maplewood, MO 63143

John Miller

Bastrop, TX

From Bastrop State Park at the junction of Park Rd. 1A and 1C. Large cement water tank.
Date count taken: 9/19/08
Approximately 200 Chimney Swifts.

Chris DuCharme

Baltimore, MD

Here are some more eBird data for University Parkway below. The swifts continue there every night, even though I have not conducted counts nightly. On 9/18/2008, I found a second roost chimney in the area- both chimneys at the top of the Northway Apartment building on the corner of N. Charles and University Pkwy had hundreds of swifts entering it, but probably fewer than over at the Carolina.

Location: The Carolina Chimney
Observation date: 9/15/08

Chimney Swift 887 already entering chimney in small numbers upon my arrival at 7:25 pm, 650 entered at 7:31, last entered at 7:36 pm.

Location: The Carolina Chimney
Observation date: 9/16/08

Chimney Swift 775 first entered at 7:20, almost 200 had entered by 7:24, last entered at 7:34 with one swift still outside chimney, I quit at 7:36 pm

Location: The Carolina Chimney
Observation date: 9/22/08

Chimney Swift 755 first birds enter chimney at 7:14, 220 at 7:15, 400 during 7:22, last at 7:25

Location: Northway Apartment Chimney
Observation date: 9/23/08

Chimney Swift 533 This chimney is harder to watch than the Carolina (a couple blocks away) because of street lights and because the chimneys are much higher (farther). The first birds seemed to enter at 7:09 pm. The last bird I could see enter was at 7:32 pm. All but 70 of the birds entered at 7:25 or after, and most of those entered after 7:30 pm - all basically entering this chimney AFTER the time the birds finished entering the Carolina Chimney last night. All entered the far chimney.

Dan Lebbin

Walhalla, SC

I counted for a couple of days. I got around 20 birds each time at the roost near our home in Walhalla, SC.

David Hedden

Austin, TX

Location: 4000 Jefferson at Pete's Path, off Shoal Creek
Weather: clear, mild winds
Site: Swift tower/gazebo
Results: 94 individual swifts entered tower between 7:25 pm and 7:50 pm

Mark Wilson
Dana Kuykendall

Bellaire, TX

Betsy counted swifts for us at Whole Foods on Tuesday, 9/16. She counted 276 swifts!  We will count at Whole Foods on Bellaire tomorrow night, 9/23, at about 7 pm. Sunset is now at 7:15 pm.

Pam Smolen