A Continent-wide Chimney Swift Roost Monitoring Project


North Richland Hills, TX

* not even 1 Swift this year
* 8 :00 - 9:00
* Fri Aug 7th
* Richland High School @ Holiday Lane & 820,
* The school is still under major construction & the chimney that the swifts lived in for many years is no longer standing. The chimney was capped in January & removed completely on June 19th. I watched in hopes of seeing some atleast do a flyby.
* It was a long sad Spring watching as the swifts of many years past started returning & attempted to dive into their chimney but bounced off the screen that was used to cap it. There are tenative plans to build alternative structures on the school grounds once the school is complete.
The weather was very hot and hazy.

Sandy Dunn

Oil City, PA

Date: 8/8/2009
Place: Seventh Street Elementary School, Oil City, PA 16301
Time: 8:00-8:45 p.m. EST
Number: ~200
Weather: overcast,light rain
Counters: Gary Edwards, Jim Wilson
Light rain through the final 20 minutes.

Gary Edwards

Savannah, GA

Saturday Aug. 8, 2009
8:00 pm to 8:40 pm
Our home chimney
Counted 10 Swifts entering the chimney.
We had nesting swifts in our chimney again this summer.

P. Schreck

Saint-Georges de Beauce, QC

Number of swifts counted: 282
Time (and time zone): 19h59 Eastern time
Date: 07 august 2009
Location: 820, 120e street
Address: city, state/province: Saint-Georges de Beauce, Qc, Canada
Broad description of the site, Commercial chimney

Alain Beauchamp

Dallas, TX

  • Zero birds observed flying into tower (thought I heard 2 or 3 twittering)
  • Friday, August 7, 2009, 7:45 - 8:45 PM CST
  • Edna Rowe Elementary School at 4918 Hovenkamp Drive, Dallas, TX 75227-2819
  • Chimney Swift Tower at elementary school
  • Hot, hot, hot

Sandy Schriever

Houston, TX

On August 4, we counted an amazing 503 swifts at Pershing! Based on the last several years worth of data, this is a high number of swifts for early August at this location. We also counted 2 swifts at Whole Foods.

On August 5, we counted 26 swifts at Russ Pitman Park. The last swift fledged on Friday, 8/7. This is consistent with the late nesting at this tower.

On August 6, I counted 200 swifts at St Paul's.

Pam Smolen

North Bennington, VT

A swift greeting from North Bennington, Vermont!
Our 80 ft. brick chimney (late 1800s) at the Sage Street Mill along the Paran Creek,
clocked in 112 swifts tonight. We started at 6:45 when 3 came in but they were "early birds" as the majority arrived an hour later and all were tucked in by 8:20 pm.  Looking forward to the national results!

Matthew Perry

Gainesville, VA

We are so excited that we have seen Chimney Swifts in our neighborhood this year. We believe they raised a family in a chimney at our clubhouse and office building but we have never mentioned it to anyone because we feared they might be evicted. Tonight we went up at dusk to count the swifts going into the chimney and there were 33!!!! We were elated.

Marci Swanson

Tampa, FL

Alerted by Jeff Harmon, several brave souls, some, including myself, from Tampa Audubon Society, came out to count the chimney swifts who have been roosting in the chimney of St. Paul Lutheran Church in the Seminole Heights area of Tampa, Florida. No sooner than my husband and I arrived, it began to rain lightly. We were unsure how this would affect the swifts. But, we were determined to find out! A few birds would fly around, probably still foraging for insects, and then fly back out again. As the sun, which occasionally peaked through the clouds, began to set,  the number of swifts increased greatly, but still  seemed to be in foraging mode. Finally, about 8:15,  they began to circle the chimney area, slowly tightening the circle over the next few minutes. We informally broke our group of ten observers into five pairs, positioned at vantage points to catch the sneaky ones who seemed to try to fool us into thinking they had entered the chimney, only to sweep up on the other side. The last swift to enter, did so at about 8:45. Thirty minutes of sheer delight for us! Five birds apparently thought accommodations were getting a little snug, and flew off to some other "motel". We took each group's total and then averaged those figures to come up with a count of 115. Birds safely bedded down, and the rain almost stopped, we decided to call it a night and planned to do this again in September.
As president of Tampa Audubon Society, I would like to make this an annual event, and try to expand to state-wide. Thank you for this site on which to report our findings. We love being citizen scientists. Thanks again.

Carolyn McKinney, President Tampa Audubon Society

Elkhart, IN

August 9, 2009
Elkhart, Indiana
8:40 pm to 9:20 pm EDT
Sundown was 8:52 pm
84 partly cloudy, sprinkles
594 swifts going into the brick chimney at the old Strauss pie factory on West Lexington

Doris Stickel and David Stokely

Beaufort, NC

200 Plus swifts seen in historic district of Beaufort, NC but unable to pinpoint roost. Appears to be in a residential area and I will work to locate it. Because of seeing these swifts, I was unable to visit my intended roost site in Morehead City, which I will do tomorrow night - Aug. 10. My roost sites are located in different towns, so I need one extra day.

Douglass Swanson