A Continent-wide Chimney Swift Roost Monitoring Project


Shorewood, WI

Number of swifts counted: 150-200
Time (and time zone): 7:40 - 8:10 PM, Central
Date: 8/9/09
Location: St. Robert's parking lot
Address, city, state/province: Corner of Capitol Dr and Maryland Ave
in Shorewood, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin
Broad description of the site, e.g. school, warehouse, residence,
Chimney Swift Tower, etc: School (abandoned incinerator)
Weather conditions may also be reported.: Cold front with
thunderstorms pasted through at about 6 PM. Partly sunny with light
wind by counting time.

Paul Hunter

Tullahoma, TN

# of chimney swifts: 575
Time: 7:25 pm to 8:20 pm CDT
Date: 8/7/09
Location: Tullahoma High School. This chimney was struck by lightning a couple of weeks ago, but damage was superficial and seems to not have deterred the swifts from roosting.
Weather: Overcast

LouAnn Partington, Certified Wildlife Rehabilitator

Toulon, IL

  • Number of swifts counted-3
    * Time 7:45PM-8:15PM
    * Date Aug 9, 2009
    * Location 7511 Wallace Hwy, Toulon IL
    * Broad description of the site, e.g. school, warehouse, residence, Chimney Swift Tower, etc. Chimney swift tower-wooden-located at my home.
    * Weather conditions may also be reported. 85 degrees, wind 15 mph from the south, very humid

    Theses are the adult swifts that have a nest of young within the tower. They can be heard when the adults enter to feed them. The young were born late as the first nest constructed was dislodged when a mallard female fell into the tower and was unable to rise up to escape. I had to let her out from the bottom and the nest had been destroyed. The swifts then proceeded to rebuild the nest and lay another clutch of eggs.

Al Curry

Houston, TX

Location of site-
Sutton Elementary School
7402 Albacore Drive
Houston, Texas 77074
Old Incinerator on the school campus
Date 08/09/2009 -
Counted - 180 SWIFTS
Time 7:55 through 8:30 p.m.
Weather: - 76 degrees/slightly cloudy
Counters - Billie Strickland/Debbie Burnett

Kewaunee, WI

No. of Birds: 100+ an estimate.
Time: 2004 to 2036, Sunset to End of Civil Twilight.
Location: Kewaunee, Wisconsin
Brief Description: Old brewery smoke stack
Remarks: 1. Saw only three birds enter the brewery smoke stack.
2. Saw one bird enter a small chimney a block away from observation point.
3. Saw five birds enter a small chimney 1/2 block from observation point.
4. First bird seen entering a small chimney at 2003.
5. last bird entered a small chimney at 2028.
6. All birds had left the sky by 2029.
7. It appears that the swifts in Kewaunee are still dispersed.
8. Plan to observe at Kewaunee next week.

J. J. Goodwin

Roseburg, OR

Aug 7 2009 Roseburg, Oregon 97471
Aug 9 2009
Vaux's Swifts
Pottery Shed Chimney 0
UACT Theatre Chimney (50 feet away) 360
Observers: Eleanor Pugh, Meredith Jones

Topeka, KS

Number: 191 swifts
Time: 8:08 - 8:51 PM CDT
Date: 08-07-09
Location: State Street Ele. School Topeka, KS
Site: School building chimney
Weather: Partly cloudy, South breeze, 87 F

Andrea May

Holland, MI

There are at least twelve roosting chimneys in Holland, and I can't yet be sure the one I am reporting is the main one for this fall. I can say that until 8/9 there have been almost no birds flying in the area. I think the
fall roosting is late, or there are fewer birds this year. Time will tell as further roosting is observed.

8/9/09 counted 17 Swifts at 136 E. 6th St. from 9:07 - 9:14 PM.

Dave Benedict

Sanford, FL

I went to do a count last night, 08/09/09 from 7:45-8:45, but got an official count of zero. A few circled the house and swooped at the chimney, at one point a group of four circled, but none entered and there was hardly any birds in the sky above and no chattering from the fireplace that evening. I think they have taken up roosting elsewhere, regrouped, or already begun to migrate. Less than a month ago though, when they were flying above the house in groups at dusk I counted at least 20 individual swifts one night. I don't know if you want to include that number in pre event data, but here it is at any rate. Next year I'll be sure to do an official pre-event count.

Site: Residential Chimney, The house is a two-story farmhouse built in the 20s in an area of fields and trees which is further surrounded by industrial parks and highways. The swifts have only been using this site for a roost within the past few years, but have consistently returned each summer.

Elizabeth Ann McMaHill