A Continent-wide Chimney Swift Roost Monitoring Project


Homer, LA

The following are the results from the August, 2009, weekend for a Swift Night Out in Homer, LA:
John Dillon
Mary Ellen Lewis
Linda Adrion
Carolyn Phillips
Betsy Moreland

August 7: Homer Elementary - 279 birds
Homer High School - 7 birds
August 8: Masonic Lodge - 44 birds
August 9: Kinnebrew House - 30 birds

John Dillon

St. Augustine, FL

# counted: 27
Time: 8:00-8:30pm
Date: August 8th, 2009
Location: St. Augustine, FL
description of site: Residence
Weather: Clear, calm, 82 F

Andrew Thornton

Columbia, SC

Number of swifts counted: est. 500+**
* Time: 8:15 - 9:15
* Date: Aug 7
* Location: Columbia, SC
* Broad description: Large 5 or 6 story chimney at the Township Auditorium
* Weather conditions: Clear, hot & muggy

**The Township Auditorium is being renovated so there is extra lighting in the back parking area near where the chimney is located. I think because of the brightness, several hundred swifts continued flying around and entering the chimney until 9:10. It became too dark to count individual birds so we tried to estimate the group size.

Number of swifts counted: 90
* Time: 8:15 - 8:45
* Date: Aug 9
* Location: Lexington, SC
* Broad description: Two story church chimney
* Weather conditions: Partly cloudy and hot

Deb Rosengrant

Morehead City, SC

West Carteret High School, Morehead City, NC
Approximately 1,000 swifts counted descending into large chimney located on school campus
8:27 PM, clear weather 83 degrees
Will continue to explore swift count in Beaufort, NC. Local resident gave info' to a possible roost site, along with one that had been closed. Will visit the location that is closed and talk to folks.
Overall, I have never seen so many swifts. Weather had been warm, with enough moisture to promote good insect reproduction the entire spring/summer. Purple martins have also had a banner year.

Douglass Swanson

Galena and Delaware, OH

Observations at Galena and Delaware, Ohio
Friday,=2 0August 7, 2009, I watched only one swift enter the south two-story brick chimney at the National Guard Armory at 79 West William Street in Delaware, Ohio. Other swifts were seen but apparently, selected another chimney, etc. The swift enter its roost at 20:47. I stayed until 21:12. It started to sprinkle at 20:50 and built up to a light rain. The cloud cover was 100% and the temperature was 74 degrees.

Saturday, August 8, 2009, I watched a two-story chimney at the Galena Methodist Church building, located at 109 Harrison Street in Galena, Delaware County, Ohio. The brick chimney measures 78 by 48 inches on the outside. Under a hazy sky at 81 degrees, I counted 43 swifts enter the chimney between 20:49 and 21:07.

Sunday, Au gust 9, 2009, a repeat of Friday's observation as only one swift entered the chimney at the National Guard Armory in Delaware, Ohio. It entered its roost at 20:50. It was hazy, humid and hot at 85 degrees.

Other dates and values:
July 29. Delaware Armory: 97 swifts between 20:50 and 21:20.
July 31. Delaware Armory: 123 swifts between 20:51 and 21:18.
August 1. Delaware Armory: 74 swifts between 20:49 and 21:10.
August 2. Delaware Armory: 49 swifts between 20:55 and 21:15.
August 3. Delaware Armory: 31 swif ts between 20:53 and 21:16.
August 5. Galena Methodist Church: 54 swifts between 20:46 and 21:07.
August 6. Delaware Armory: 7 swifts between 20:45 and 21:07.

Monday, August 10, 2009: I watched 217 swifts enter the north chimney of the Edwards Gym on the Ohio Wesleyan University campus. The20gym is located across from the intersection of South Sandusky and Spring Streets. The chimney is seventy feet tall and is five bricks square at its top. The birds entered their roost between 20:41 and 21:17 under a hazy sky with 20 percent cloud cover. The temperature was 80 degrees and there was a weak, but greatly appreciated, breeze.

Dick Tuttle

Pittsburg, KS

On August 9, 2009, eight members of the Sperry-Galligar Audubon chapter counted Chimney Swifts in the city limits of Pittsburg, Crawford County, Kansas. We visited five roost sites and wound up with a total of 428 Chimney Swifts.

Start time was approximately 8:15 P.M. (CDST), weather conditions - clear, calm and warm. Past history indicates that the numbers vary from year to year and roost to roost. One roost (West Side Elementary School) that previously had large numbers was birdless! Two other roost now have capped chimneys. Numbers and site locations follow.

(0)-West Side Elementary School, 5th. & Miles.
(40)-First Methodist Church & nearby chimneys at 5th & Pine.
(42)-Reliable Industry, between Rose & Euclid.
(42)-Lakeside Grade School, 709 S. College.
(304)-Morning Sun newspaper, 701 N. Locust.
(428)-Total number of Chimney Swifts.

Bob Mangile, Sperry-Galligar Audubon

Racine, WI

Here are some chimney swift reports for ASNO data from August 10th, 2009.

Rick Fare, Helen Pugh, and Jennifer Wenzel observed from 8:05-8:25, 65 chimney swifts into chimney on the north west corner of commercial building at 500 6th Street, Racine,WI. Clear night, 75 degrees.
Another sighting in the vicinity by Muffy Petrick and Marty Hunt at 316 6th Street between 8:12-8:20 of 18 other chimney swifts.

Jennifer Wenzel