A Continent-wide Chimney Swift Roost Monitoring Project


Dublin, OH

Sells Middle School in Dublin Ohio:

Fri Aug. 7 Overcast skies and rain threatening. Arrived with a new swift watcher at 8:30pmEDT, swifts were swirling about varying in clockwise and counter clockwise patterns. I could hear and see a Common Nighthawk feeding over the Scioto River. At 8:35pm the first swift went in the large school chimney. By 8:53pm all 350-375 swifts had entered the chimney. A bat was chased away from the pattern of swirling swifts.

Sat. Aug 8, A clear skies eve with a breezy sunset. I returned at 8:30pmEDT but the birds were sparse. I contributed it to a bright sunny summer eve and it was interesting to see the difference from the night before. By 8:47pm the birds were in a tight clockwise pattern and by 8:48 pm a few started to enter the chimney. By 9:08 just over 500-520 chimney swifts had entered the chimney. Again a bat was chased away by swirling swifts who quickly got back into formation. Again I heard the nighthawk penting.
On Fri. July 24 I counted swifts at the same site and at that time there were over 500. It was my first time to count in July and I was surprised of their numbers in at that time.

I have a good friend who rehabilitates swifts in our area. I was able to take a call several weeks ago and I linked up a lady who had rescued 4 swifts from a collapsed nest in her chimney to Cathy. Cathy was able to rehab 2 of the four successfully, made for a total of 7 this season successfully released to the wild. She told a story of a wild bird who came in to feed and guard several of the young. The wild bird stayed for almost 24 hours. Amazing…I'm trying to encourage her to write her story to send to Paul and Georgean. Cathy has a swift tower in her back yard that a Boy Scout built for his Eagle project using the Driftwood plans.

Stage on swifts, stage on,

Darlene Sillick

Midlothian, VA

On August 9, 2009 I made the following observations of chimney swifts:

time was 6:45pm to 8:40pm
date was 9/09/09
location was MIdlothian Virginia in the Woodlake housing complex of Chesterfield county
this area is a cul-de-sac of seven homes with one home having an open chimney where chimney swifts have nested before.
The weather was about 80 degrees F and clear

6:53 two chimney swifts in air
7:04 one c swift in air
7:13 two c swifts in air
7:14 one c swift in air
7:19 7:29 and 7:31 one c swift in air
7:33 two c swifts in air
7:34 three c swifts in air
7:41 three c swifts in air
7:44 four c swifts in air
7:48 two c swifts in air
7:49 two c swifts in air
7:50 one c swift in air
8:00 three c swifts in air
8:02 two c swifts in air ( last time I saw the chimney swifts--they must not be roosting in the open chimney in my cul-de-sac because I did not see them enter and was watching the entire time)

8:15 until 8:40 there were two bats flying around the area but no more chimney swifts.

8:40 pm ended observations.

Oakman, GA

The following are our recordings of A Swift Night Out Chimney Swift sightings for Carters Project located in Oakman, Georgia.

  • Number of swifts counted: (9) Nine
    * Time: 8:30p.m. (2030)
    * Date: 8/07/09
    * Location: Carters Lake Reregulation Pool
    * Broad description of the site: Warehouse area , Chimney Swift Towers
    * Weather conditions may also be reported.: Clear

  • Steven Yancey, Park Ranger, Carters Project USACE

Dallas, TX

  • Number of swifts counted = 3 flying very close to tower but none seen going in tower
  • Time (and time zone) = started at 7:30, last saw swifts at 8:30
  • Date = 8 August 2009
  • Location = Trinity River Audubon Center
  • Address: city, state/province = 6500 South Loop 12, Dallas, TX 75217
  • Broad description of the site, e.g. school, warehouse, residence, Chimney Swift Tower, etc. = Chimney Swift Tower at nature center
  • Weather conditions may also be reported = clear, 90 F
  • 3 observers
Jeanette T. Boylan, Ph.D., Citizen Science Manager, Trinity River Audubon Center

Sykesville, MD

Number of swifts counted: 4

Time: 8:15-8:45 PM EST
Date: 08/09/2009

Location: Downtown area
Sykesville, MD 21784

Description: Commercial building chimney
Weather: ~85F, 25% clouds, humid, wind 0-2 mph

Wolfville, NS

These sightings were at the Robie Tufts Nature Centre chimney, the one that is featured in your book on the swifts.
Aug. 7/09 -- 73 -- Wolfville -- lyssa? & Max (Boston, Mass.)
Aug. 8/09 -- 80 -- Wolfville -- Heather Brown & 3 other counters + Jim Wolford
Aug. 9/09 -- 69+ -- Wolfville -- Jim Wolford, Tony Napoli + about 5 others

Jim Wolford

Seabrook, TX

Reporting on our chimney roost for Saturday, August 8. Only saw one swift enter chimney. Three were flying close, but only one entered. On July 28, we had 16 swifts, on the 29th, 15, and on the 31st we had
a high number of 17 enter the chimney. Successful nesting this year despite two incidences of babies having to be reinserted above the flue.

Anne Backus

Woodbine, MD

Number of Swifts: 18 swifts
Time: Starting at 8:05 pm
Date: 8/9/2009
Location: Woodbine, MD
Site: Residential Chimney
Weather: Hot & Humid but clear day

We counted two nights in a row, and after getting the hang of it, agreed that Sunday Night's count is probably the most accurate. We've had the Swifts in our chimney for 3 years now and enjoy the noise from
the chimney's (gets rather loud occasionally). We thought we only had about 5 birds and were pleasantly surprised at the numbers..

Dusty Hull