A Continent-wide Chimney Swift Roost Monitoring Project


Oneida, NY

On Aug 11th from 8:20 to 8:30 PM I saw AT LEAST 200 chimney swifts going into a chimney to roost.
I am quite sure that others had already entered the chimney by the time I noticed the occurence. I am hoping to get back there tonight, as it is an amazing thing to observe.

Location: Oneida, New York
In the city limits, on Route 365A, just east of main street (Rt 46), The former Oneida Hotel
About a 4 story (long abandoned) structure with a large single chimney
weather was clear and 75 degrees.

John Rogers

Centerpoint, TX

Last sunset I went to watch for the chimney swifts at a downtown Kerrville chimney that had hundreds of them in the past. Nada - no birds, no calls. Nothing. The sky was empty except for some nighthawks and a few grackles.
Have they already moved through? Do they time their migration with the full moon which was a couple of days ago (I haven't had a chance to watch this chimney before)? Has the drought reduced their populations?
I can't even remember hearing them much this summer, but then my times at home during the day have been limited.

Susan Sander

Homer, LA

24 swifts in Swift Tower # 3
0 swifts in Swift Tower # 2
0 swifts in Swift Tower # 1
8:04-8:35 CST
August 9, 2009
180 Post Oak RD
Homer, LA 71040
on Lake Claiborne
HOT and humid

M.E Lewis

Grandes-Piles, QC

I want to report the number of Chimney Swift counted at a roost located in Grandes-Piles, Qc, Canada
August 07, 2009
4 entered the chimney of the Church
From 20:10 to 20:37
Weather : 57.2 F, 0 clouds and no wind
Location: 46░41'12.95"N, 72░43'32.91" W
It seems that the swifts have left the roost for their migration south since there were 62 four nights earlier.

CÚline Maurice
Wildlife Management Technician
Population Conservation Section
Environment Canada
Canadian Wildlife Service

Bathurst, NB

I am forwarding you a submission for A Swift Night Out for a church in Bathurst, New Brunswick, Canada.

As you may be aware, as of this March 2009, the Chimney Swift was added as a Threatened species under the federal Species at Risk Act in Canada.
See http://www.sararegistry.gc.ca/species/speciesDetails_e.cfm?sid=951

Keep up the great work!

Karen Potter,  Species at Risk Recovery Biologist, Environment Canada

I saw very close to 100 CHIMNEY SWIFTS on Sunday, August 9. They were entering the big chimney behind the Cathedral in downtown Bathurst, New Brunswick.  I actually counted 99 of them, but so many go in at the same time that I would say 100 plus or minus 15. They are really hard to count.

This is about 10 times more than there were in 2008, but about a quarter of the number there were in 2006.

Pat McLaughlin

Thomasville, GA

Three of us counted 195 swifts,
8:30 - 9:15
Aug. 8, 2009
Downtown, Thomasville, GA. (southwest GA, just north of Tallahassee, Fl)
Municipal Auditorium chimney
clear sky, 80's

Beth Grant

Brampton, ON

We counted 37 swifts going to roost and staying at the chimney on an old mill, at the corner of Mississauga and Embleton roads in Brampton, Ont. Canada. The time between 8.31 and 9.06 pm EDT. on Aug. 7, 2009. The evening was calm, clear and warm.

Ross Evans

Houston, TX

Lot's of swifts continue at Pershing. We had 512 enter the chimney on Tuesday, August 11!
We had 5 swifts at Whole Foods on Tuesday evening.  I counted 289 swifts entering the chimney at St Paul's on Thursday, 8/13.

Pam Smolen

Fowlerville, MI

I watched this roost on 3 consecutive nights, Thursday the 6th, Friday the 7th, and Saturday the 9th, all in August. The first two counts were under mostly cloudy skies and the third was a clear night.
The counts were 220, 235, and 250, all estimates, once those birds start dropping in, it gets a little hard to count! The times were all 8:00pm to 9:30pm eastern std. time.
The location is an urban setting in downtown Howell, Michigan. The building that the chimney is attached to is an office building. The outside dimensions of the chimney is 64" sq by about 20 feet tall. One night as the birds were beginning thier "tornado" to enter the chimney 2 birds collided with one spiraling down to the ground. I went and picked up the dazed bird and took a couple of pictures. After about 10 minutes it began to fidget about in my hand, I reached upward and opened my hand and the bird took off. Very Cool!

Pat Baize

Peninsula, OH

Last night on Thursday, August 20, 2009, I and 10 participants counted 16 swifts entering a newer, lower, brick chimney while about 9 swifts entered the older, 3-story chimney (the same one all the swifts used last year) at Woodridge Intermediate School during an educational public program. This old, historic, brick school is still in active use, and is located on Bronson at Emerson Street in Peninsula, Summit Co., OH. All birds were inside by 8:50 p.m. on this partly cloudy evening. A brief but heavy thunder shower, accompanied by high winds, poured down about 6 p.m. The sky was completely swiftless until about 8:20 p.m. when the first bird was spotted.

Debra Shankland