A Continent-wide Chimney Swift Roost Monitoring Project


Roseburg, OR

Date: Wednesday, September 16, 2009, 4:22 PM
UACT chimney rather than Pottery Shed chimney. About 50 ' apart
Date 9/5 9/12
Count 292 17
Ob time 7:38 6:45
Sunset 7:45 7:30
Temp 75+ 85+
Precip 0 0
1st 7:38 7:35
time in 7:38 7:12
time last 8:00 7:48

Eleanor Pugh E. Pugh

Dayton, OH

Here are my 9/11 and 9/12 results, both counts were at 7:50 to 8:10 EST, weather was clear and low humidity, approx 67-70 degrees
9.11.09 The Cannery in Dayton, OH 150 swifts
9.12.09 Harmon Elementary in Oakwood, OH 330 swifts
Seems to me they are starting the migration a bit later every year. In August's swift night out, there were none at either location.

Matt Stoermer

Shorewood, WI

Number of swifts counted: 155

Time (and time zone): 6:45 - 7:15 PM, central
Date: Sunday, September 13, 2009
Address: city, state/province: southwest Corner of Maryland and Capitol in Shorewood, Wisconsin
Broad description of the site, e.g. school, warehouse, residence, Chimney Swift Tower, etc.: - Apartment bld 5 stories high - chimney in the southwest corner
Weather conditions may also be reported. - clear, calm, about 65 degrees Fahrenheit

Six of us gathered at the corner of Capitol Drive and Maryland Avenue and waited anxiously as we saw only a few swifts very high on this clear, calm, seasonably temperate evening. A Peregrine Falcon flashed
past over St Roberts church. It wasn't till a couple minutes past sunset till a flock of 155 swifts started purposefully swirling around the chimney in the southwest corner of the apartment building on the southwest corner of Capitol Drive and Maryland Avenue.

Paul Hunter

Glen Rock, NJ

George Washington Middle School - Ridgewood, New Jersey (NE part of the state) - Eastern Daylight Time

August 7 (belated report from Aug. wknd.) -about 50 chimney swifts , 8:00-8:20PM

Sept 14 (one day after Sept. wknd-had to be out of town Sept 11,12,13)- 1270 swifts, 6:49-7:30PM

Kurt Muenz

Richmond, VA

Site #1: Reveille Methodist Church, Cary Street Road, near Malvern Avenue. The church was built in 1954 in the colonial style of Williamsburg and the chimney swifts roost in a broad fake chimney.
September 11 - 7:30p to 8:00p - clear skies warm temperatures.
We counted 200+ birds.

Site #2: Thomas Jefferson High School, Malvern Avenue near Broad Street, in a large chimney in the high school building, which was built in 1929, Art Deco style.
August 10 - 7:45p to 8:15p - clear skies, hot
We counted 100+ birds

Catherine Moser

Healdsburg, CA

I was unable to participate during your specified dates, but on Friday Sept, 18TH I viewed 4,500 Vaux's Swifts. I thought you may be interested.

The site is Rio Linda Adventist Academy east of Healdsburg Ca on the banks of the Russian river. Vaux swifts have been stopping over here since 1989 when the boiler was no longer used. The boiler chimney is 32 feet deep and 54 inches square inside.

Most of the surrounding habitat is mixed oak/conifer woodland with a few vineyards around.
This is my fifth year viewing the swifts here.

Dave Barry

Lincoln, VA

The first few chimney swifts were just beginning to gather in the skies overhead at 6:45 p.m. as 7 people converged on a historic building in Lincoln, toting lawnchairs, binoculars, and snacks for the wait. As we chatted, munched, and listened to chimney swift lore to the accompaniment of the first chants, buzzes, and chirps of the evening insect chorus, swifts continued to arrive from all directions. By 7:15 the numbers had swelled to hundreds, and the birds, no longer darting erratically, joined in a huge circular swirling pattern over and around the chimney they would soon enter. At 7:30 we saw the first one drop from the swirl into the chimney, then another and another, then several in quick succession, until we could no longer keep track of the numbers. The great swirl continued, then gradually began to lessen as the swifts dropped into the chimney where together they would roost for the night and the next several nights, until the moment arrives for them to begin their migration south to South America. As the final stragglers disappeared into the chimney 10 minutes later, we witnessed the changing of the guard, as the daytime contingent was replaced by the nighttime contingent of bats fluttering and swooping over our heads. We estimated the numbers of swifts to have been between 400 and 500, and left in amazement at one of nature's awesome spectacles.

Mary Ann Good

Shoreacres, TX

Bird count: 20
Time: 7:35 - 7:50pm
Date: September 12th
Location: Shoreacres, TX
Description: Residential chimney
Weather: Warm, clear and dry
A few weeks prior, we had counted 25 birds entering the chimney at dusk.
Since the official bird count weekends, we found another residential chimney roost in El Lago, TX. Due to trees blocking the view, we were not able to get an accurate count as they entered the roost, but estimated between 30-35 birds swooping around the chimney. date: 9/19/09, 7:45 pm, partly cloudy, no rain.

Debra Price & Walter Swartz

Houston, TX

The number of swifts at Pershing this week dropped dramatically. We counted 30 at Pershing on Tuesday, 9/15. We counted 14 at Whole Foods. The swifts usually decline at the end of September, but this is about a week earlier than the last two years.
The man made tower at Russ Pitman has had about 95 swifts each evening this week, except last night (9/19) when 77 were counted.
I counted 135 swifts at St Paul's on Wednesday, 9/16.
We continue to see several thousand swifts at the sugar mill in Sugar Land.

Pam Smolen