A Continent-wide Chimney Swift Roost Monitoring Project


Maplewood, MO

Observed evening of Sept. 11, 2010:
Maplewood Richmond Heights (MRH) High School, 7539 Manchester Road, Maplewood, MO 63143. (St. Louis, Mo.) Chimney back side of main building. Observed 1,000 plus swifts 7:40 to 7:50 p.m. CST

John Miller

Oradell, NJ

Time: 7:20 - 7:40 PM
Number of Swifts: 600
Date: 9/11/10
Location: Oradell, NJ
Site Description: Industrial chimney, now owned by Bergen County. Slated to become a museum.
Weather: Partly cloudy

Observers: Kurt Muenz, Denise Farrell, Harry Byrne, Gerry Byrne

Gainesville, FL

189 swifts
7:45 -8:15 pm
A. Quinn Jones School
1108 Northwest 7th Avenue
Gainesville, FL 32601
This is a school with a large chimney on the northwest side of the building.
Weather: Warm and overcast
I also counted swifts at this same location on 9/7/10 and counted 220. The rest of the info is the same except that the sky was clear.

Scott Flamand

Jonestown, TX

September 11, 2010
Abandoned cement cistern across FM 1431 from the True Grits restaurant in Jonestown, TX
Travis Audubon Society field trip, 16 birders
Clear, 84 degrees F, 72% RH, 9.96 inches of rain in the past four days (Tropical Storm Hermine)
First CHSW entered at 7:45 PM CST
Main concentration of CHSWs entered 7:57 - 8:06 PM CST
1,555 estimated CHSWs

Kathy McCormack

Westfield Center, OH

Site Assessed: Westfield Center Elementary School
Westfield Center, Ohio

8-6-2010 137 Chimney Swifts 73 degrees, Clear
9-12-2010 0 Chimney Swifts 68 degrees, Clear

Ken and Helen Ostermiller

Simpsonville, SC

Number of swifts counted = about 100-200

Time (and time zone) - 8:00 pm

Date - Sunday 9/12/2010

Location: Private residence (100 yr old house with original unlined brick chimney

Address: city, state/province: Simpsonville, SC USA

Brian Baker

Bloomington, IN

Between 8:15 and 8:30 this evening Kay Thorbecke, Robert Harmon and I watched at least a dozen Chimney Swifts dive into the purpose-built chimney at Fairview School. The sky was beautiful with the crescent moon, and it was a relief to see our efforts pay off. I'm guessing they will tell all their buddies what a nice place it is.  This is the first confirmed observation of the swifts roosting in our new tower.

Martha Crouch via Bob Dodd

Elkhart, IN

September 12, 2010
Elkhart, Indiana
7:45 pm to 8:20pm EDT
Sundown was about 8 pm
70, clear and dry
NO swifts anywhere arond the old Rice School brick chimney None, zilch, nada.
There is no man-made heat in this chimney. There were over 500 going in a month ago. We suspect they have begun the fall migration.
A beautiful color sunset, and the crescent moon to enjoy.

Doris Stickel and David Stokely

Sugarcreek, OH

I counted for all three days at my own home!  The chimney they used is no longer used by people, made of bricks and rough masonry in a 100 year old house. I also have breeding swifts every summer in it - fortunately it has a clean-out in the basement!

Friday, Sept 10th - Bird activity occurred from 7:50 - 8:05 with a total of 59 going in my chimney
Saturday, Sept 11th - Activity occurred from 7:45 - 8:00 with a total of 71 birds
Sunday Sept 12th - Activity occurred from 7:45 - 8:05 with a total of 57 birds

Brenda Franey

Tullahoma, TN

# of swifts: 700
Date: 8/6/10
Time: 7-8 pm CDT
Location: Tullahoma High School
Weather condition: Clear

LouAnn Partington

St. Louis Park, MN

9/12/10 - approx 160-180
7:37P-7:55P Central Time Zone
2925 Monterey, St. Louis Park, MN
Location: A 1924 3 story brick multi-family residence in mixed residential area, single family homes, town-homes, condos and a park just north of the 2 acre site.
Clear skies.
First swift descended 7:37P, scattered entries til 7:53 when about 100 entered in 1-2 minutes, then rest of birds.

Dawn McLean

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