A Continent-wide Chimney Swift Roost Monitoring Project


Springfield, OH

Julie Karlson and I counted swifts for the swift night out.  Here is our information:

September 11, 2010
7:50 PM to 8:30 PM
200 block of South Limestone Street
Springfield, Ohio 45505
The brick chimney is on an old movie theater. The chimney is square and I would guess maybe 3 feet square.  It rained earlier in the day but by the time we counted it was dry but cloudy.  We tried to count the swifts as they entered the chimney but this is a very rough estimate. They became rather difficult to see as it got dark. Our  estimate is 1400.

Doug Overacker

Tullahoma, TN

Here are the numbers for this month's count. A pretty amazing night - unfortunately I missed most of it because I had to go to work. When I left at just before 7 pm, there were less than 100 swifts circling the chimney.
Date: 9/11/10
Time: 6:30 - 7:30 pm (most of the activity occurred between 7:00-7:25 - sunset was about 7:10)
# of chimney swifts: 5800
Weather: Rain early, threatening clouds, windy
Place: Tullahoma High School

LouAnn Partington

Austin, TX

I was out of town for the month of August. I watched and counted on September 12 and only one entered the tower. We did have a nest again this year and many nights I saw many going into the tower.

Stephen Van Gee

Clintonville, OH

A friend of mine, Darlene Sillick, here in Columbus Ohio told me that I should report to you the results of my own Swift Night Out from last night, Sept 13, 2010.

My husband and I counted 910 chimney swifts at Indian Springs Elementary School on Cooke Road in Clintonville (zip 43214), a neighborhood of Columbus. The first appeared around 7:50 p.m. The first entered the chimney at 8:02 p.m. and by 8:12 p.m. we had counted about 910 (we used tally marks for every 10 that entered) having entered the chimney there.

Back on August 26th at the same location, we had counted about 500 birds, the first appearing around 8:05 and all of them in the chimney by 8:30.

Hope this is helpful!
Gerry Brevoort

Auburn, OH

I watched an estimated 100-150 chimney swifts enter a chimney at:
Hew Hope Christian Fellowship (formerly Auburn School)
11051 East Washington St.
Auburn Twp., Ohio 44023
on Sat., 9-11-2010
from 7:30P.M.- 8:00P.M.
weather conditions were: moderate rain
this is an old brick school building now used as a church.

Lyn Miller

Monroe, OR

On Sat. the 11th, two watchers observed swifts entering the Monroe Elementary. We watched from 1900--2000.   First observed at 1906. First entry at 1946. Last entry at 1952. Estimate (with use of video) 220 swifts. Sunset 1931. Sunset temp 65 degrees. Site: Monroe Elementary. School., Monroe, OR

Will Wright and Lory Bechtold

Wakulla Springs, FL

September 11, 2010
Chimney Swifts Counted: 717
Date: September 11, 2010
Time of First Descent: 7:58 pm EDT
Time of last Descent: 8:21 pm EDT
Description of Roost: The roost site is an approximately 40 foot high unused chimney on the east wing of the historic Wakulla Springs Lodge (part of Wakulla Springs State Park).
Weather Conditions: 85 degrees F
Mostly clear
Gentle breeze out of the NE
A group of 58 people came out to observe and count the swifts. They worked together in small groups of two to five individuals to gather the above data. The count reflects the average of the data collected.

Jeff Hugo

Corpus Christi, TX

As usual the August dates for the "Swift Night Out" was met once again with an absence of Swifts - none, zip, "nada". There had been, just the week before 40 - 50 using the Blucher Park home chimneys, we even had 2 or 3 using the new "chimneys" at the Blucher Park kiosk. But on the count weekend there were no swifts. It seems that every year our resident birds have scooted south. This observation also applies to the few that routinely use the Hather St site.
Although we had a few more swifts during the Sept "Swift Night Out" our count at the Blucher chimney was about 10. None at the kiosk and only one at the Hather St residence.
It seems that the swifts that are migration have yet to make it to Corpus. We'll let you know when they roll in.

Leah Pummill

Portland, OR

Here are the numbers of Vaux's Swifts that I counted going into the Chapman School's chimney.
Sept 11: 4,500 - no hawk or Peregrine Falcon.
Sept 12: 5,200 - Cooper's hawk early tonight but left at 1930 before the swifts started going in.
Sept 13: 3,000 - both Cooper's hawk and Peregrine Falcon tonight. Again, the hawk came in early twice but left before the swifts started going in. The Peregrine chased/was chased by the swifts and got one swift. the aerial displays are always superior when the Peregrine is around.

Keith Robillard

Carthage, MO

Chimney swifts observed 9/12/10 from 7:15 pm through 8:00 pm (nearly dark). Location: Carthage, Missouri on Main street. (Old Carthage Press building, just across side street from Methodist Church). Site is older, rarely used building, though appears renovations now starting, with chimney. Birds observed also for about 3 weeks before this date and current number is lower than previous weeks. Weather conditions: clear sky, no wind, cool. Number: approx 100 (again, noted about 200 plus about 2 weeks ago).

Elizabeth Barlet

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