A Continent-wide Chimney Swift Roost Monitoring Project


Greigsville, NY

I counted about 450 Chimney Swifts entering the York Central School chimney on the evening of Friday, Sept. 10. Weather was clear and about 65 degrees. The first swifts entered at about 7;35, shortly after sunset, and last were in by 7:50.  The York school is in Greigsville NY, about 5 miles west of Geneseo
NY in Livingston County.

Jim Kimball

Houston, TX

Number of swifts: 176
Time: 1st swift entered at 7:44 PM. Last swift entered at 8:00 PM. Central Time Zone.
Date: 09-10-10
Location: Sutton Elementary School 7402 Albacore Dr Houston Texas
Description: Old School Incinerator
Weather: Sunset 7:33 PM and clear Skies.

Debbie Burnett

Logansport, IN

On September the 13th I found a Chimney Swift roost around 8:15 p.m. It had around 500+ Chimney Swifts. The roost was at the Logansport Police Department in downtown Logansport, IN. The weather was sunny with clear or partly cloudy skies.

Landon Neumann

Delaware and Galena, OH

Friday, September 10, 2010: At the National Guard Armory at 79 West William Street in Delaware, Ohio, I watched 740 swifts enter its south chimney between 20:05 - 20:20. The temperature was 68-degrees Fahrenheit and the sky was clear.
Saturday, September 11, 2010: Between 19:30 and 20:12, 720 swifts entered the Armory's two-story chimney. The temperature was 68-degrees F. and the sky was totally covered with clouds that threatened rain.
Sunday, September 12, 2010: I watched a two-story chimney at the Galena Methodist Church building located at 109 Harrison Street in Galena, Ohio. The brick chimney measures 78 x 48 inches, under a clear sky at 68-degrees, 1230 swifts entered the chimney between 19:46 - 20:11.
Both buildings are vacant and for sale. Their chimneys, on the other hand, remain quite active.

Dick Tuttle

Madison, WI

No swifts, 7PM to 8PM, Central time zone, Saturday 9/11/2010
Cherokee School chimney, 3701 Cherokee Drive, Madison, WI
40 foot free standing square brick chimney, clear day, upper 60's, very light breeze from the west.
Saw and heard two swifts flying high but they left the area.

22 swifts, 7:30PM to 8PM, Central time zone, Sunday 9/12/2010
3-story apartment building chimney, 916 E. Gorham St, Madison, WI
Brick chimney on east side of building, clear day, upper 60's.
Easy to count, but I arrived a little late. The last straggler entered the chimney at 7:40PM.

Post event:

Recheck of site from night before:
34 swifts, 7:02PM to 8PM, Central time zone, Monday 9/13/2010
3-story apartment building chimney, 916 E. Gorham St, Madison, WI
Brick chimney on east side of building, clear day, upper 60's. No wind.
Easy to count, the first swift went in at 7:19, the second at 7:24, all were in by 7:34, except for the last straggler who went in at 7:40PM.

about 40 swifts, 7:15PM to 8PM, Central time zone, Tuesday 9/14/2010
another 3-story apartment building chimney, 148-150 E. Gorham St, Madison, WI
Two brick chimneys in the building. The swifts used the smaller, interior chimney which is hidden behind a dormer, and is screened by tree leaves. There were a lot of swifts flying all around the area - it was difficult to zero in on the chimney they were after. Very difficult to get a good view. The chimney is only visible from 2 driveways on N. Butler. One driveway has tree leaves in the way. The other driveway has a clearer view, but at a high angle.
Another clear day, upper 60's. No wind.

Roger Peters

Weaverville, NC

Number of swifts counted- 2 came down the flue (didn't know to close it) and i escorted them outside. they flew away. I heard several more in the chimney, probably not more than a dozen though.
* Time- 24/7.
* Date- June thru July and counting.
* Location- Weaverville, NC.
* Broad description of the site, e.g. school, warehouse, residence, Chimney Swift Tower, etc.- masonry chimney in an old log cabin, located in a valley.
* Weather conditions may also be reported- varied.

thank you! what wonderful house guests!!

Dianna Star

Travis County, TX

Number:  53
Time: 8:00 PM
Date:  9/16/2010
Location:  Chaetura Canyon Bird Sanctuary (Travis Audubon)
Description:  Wooden Chimney Swift Tower 24" x 24" x 20'

A roost of +100 swifts was dispersed in mid July by a raiding Eastern Screech-owl.  However, after second broods in other towers on the Sanctuary fledged the roost began to re-form in early September (+20).  On 9/16 "new" birds arrived increasing the roost to 53.

Paul and Georgean Kyle
Sanctuary Stewards

Gainesville, FL

We have been having some fun here in Gainesville and building awareness on something that is too often taken for granted.  I do have several observations to add to the data.

Sat, Sept 11, JJ Finley School, 1912 NW 5th Avenue, Gainesville Florida
Old chimney on two story building
time 7:30- 8:05 pm
weather clear skies
10 in the chimney but 5 still seen wandering that we did not see go in the stack.  (this may have been reported for Friday also but fewer, and there may have been a young birder, Sam who reported the Sat night count.)

This same site, school of JJ Finley, as recent as Sunday, Sept 5, I counted over 240 swifts which has been the typical count for the last month. I have probably visited it once a week thru August and had over 200. It took a while to get a good location to view the descent since they take so many trial dives. Seems that they took off sometime last week. Yet other sites are still very active.

Monday, Sept 13, Calico Jack's Oyster Bar, 3501 SW 2nd Avenue, Gainesville Fl
7:30 - 8:10
weather some distant clouds, calm air
240+ into what looks like a brick tower, about 15 ft high. This provides a great sample of what could be done for an artificial tower.
There should have been a report from Ron Robinson for Friday, Sept 10. . . withover 400 in the count

My neighbors home at 1215 NW 36th Terr, Gainesville, Fl had 23 swifts last night, Sept 14, between 7:45- 8:05.  This is a chimney. 
Thanks again for organizing this info.

Helen Warren
Alachua Audubon Society

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