A Continent-wide Chimney Swift Roost Monitoring Project


North San Francisco Bay area

It was too late for a Swift Night Out but on September 18 Rusty Scalf discovered that the three huge industrial smoke stacks at McNear Brick and Block Facility near San Rafael were attracting huge numbers of Vaux's Swifts.  Lots of big number potential here.

San Diego

More Lofts and more Vaux's Happening determination, this time by Composer, Performer and Improviser, Christopher Adler, who tracked the large San Diego swift flock down to the Converted Church Lofts.  They were just getting their southbound birds in mid September and had big numbers, maybe 10k in April.  We need to get Christopher some help down there.

Mexico City

No actual counts yet, but Vaux's Happening is working on it.  They have been tearing down urban roost sites here as swiftly as the swifts can find them.

Larry Schwitters
Project Coordinator
Audubon Vaux's Happening


Big Saturday September 11, 2010

Valemont                                    R. Chipeniuk                                  0
Cumberland                                D/A Routledge                               0
Sumas Customs                          J/M. Rawlings-S. Howard         3650 (averaged)* 
Orient School                             W. Current                                       5                                 
Old N State Hosp.                      S. Madsen/J. Johnson                5950*
Monroe Wagner                         D. MacRae/B. Kaufman              389
Monroe Administration             S. Schaefer                                 6153*
Selleck                                       B. Stallcop                              17,591*
Bieker Residence                       L/W Bieker                                     0
Olympia Gov Stevens St           W. Johnson                                  500  Fri count
Camas Tav                                 J. Durgin                                         0
Ellensburg                                  J. Demorest                                 145
Yakima Herald News                G/E Bohn                                   1279
Parker School                            R. Repp                                            0
Fort Lewis JBLM Stack               

Kalispell, Montana Build.         D/C Casey                                       251 
Hamilton Fire Hall                    R. Stover/R. van Open/E. Hewitt      12

Lapwai Old School House        S/C Hudson                                     715
Lapwai Officers Quarters         T/C Gray                                          150

Rainier, DT                                D. Whipple                                   1342
Oregon City, Main St                 J. St Clair                                     3657
Chapman                                    M. Cooledge/D. Weisbaum         8650                             
Duniway                                            ?                                                  0
Eugene Sacred                                   ?                                              620                           
Eugene Agate                             Maeve Sowles                              5000 Fri count
Junction City                              Nicole N-P                                       75
Corvallis Whiteside                    M. Garrard                                     135
Corvallis 6th& WA                     M. Garrard                                     110 Fri count
Bend Christmas P.                      K. Boddie                                      110
Monroe  Elem School                W. Wright                                      180
Silverton 1st St                            J/ Thomas                                      485
Roseburg Pottery Shed               D/E Paulson                                   626
Lebanon Hotel                                   ?                                                  4

Humbolt Co. Redwood              D. Fix                                            1610
Arcata, Grist Hall, HSU            C. Moyer                                             0
Arcata, 7th & A                          K, Burton                                         118
Gaberville                                  S. Jay                                                   1
Rio Lindo                                   B. Benson                                           6  (400 9/12)             
Los Angeles, Chester Bldg.       J. Chapman/M. Sylbert                 5880
San Diego                                  C. Adler                                             71 (9/10)

Mesa                                          J. Miller                                               1                                         

* Record high counts.

Jefferson, GA

I saw your website while finding out more about the chimney swifts that we have this fall at our home chimney in Jefferson, Ga. We have about 100-200 swifts that circle the chimney of our 106-year old house. They're here again this year beginning late August and they haven't left yet. It's still pretty hot here, but getting cool in the evenings.

Also, nearby, there's an old textile mill with a tall chimney structure. My son said he's seen many there, but I haven't been over to check that location yet, but intend to.

Can you tell me if there are any health risks involved with having the chimney sweeps roost here each year. We've lived in this historic house five years and I'm pretty sure they come each year. We were told that this house was vacant for 12 years before we bought it, so this may have been their home for a long time.

Mary Dugan

ED:  There are really no health risks associated with hosting Chimney Swifts. It is much riskier to handle raw chicken in your kitchen! However, you should make a practice of having your chimney professionally cleaned each year to remove any droppings and feathers that may have accumulated. It is also important because the creosote build up from wood fires can be a safety hazard to you and your family.

Pittsburgh, PA

These counts are from an apartment building chimney.
Times are EDT.

8/6/10 396 swifts time watched: 8:30-8:59 p.m.
9/10/10 3057 swifts time watched: 7:35-8:05 p.m.
9/11/10 4138 swifts time watched: 7:37-8:06 p.m.
9/12/10 3007 swifts time watched: 7:27-8:05 p.m.

Vicki. Dziadosz

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