A Continent-wide Chimney Swift Roost Monitoring Project


The following reports were submitted after September 20, 2010. 

Houston, TX

I visited Lakeview Elementary to speak to the students today. They are really proud and excited about "their" swifts. I went back tonight and was not disappointed. Thousands and thousands are entering the chimney each night. We counted over 4000 at the last official count and there has been a substantial increase in numbers since then. It is a sight to see. Arrive at 7:30 and watch from any number of vantage points. It is spectacular! I am hoping to get some press out there and will keep you posted.

Mary Anne Weber
Education Director
Houston Audubon Society

Spotsylvania, VA

Count done, Sept 14, 2010, 7 coming home at night., Clear / Calm wind. 7:50 pm.
Spotsylvania, Virginia.


Muskogee, OK

I'm just sending in this information for Jim Harman and David Gill of Indian Nations Audubon Society, Muskogee area, Oklahoma (neither one of them have a computer!!). They surveyed the Chimney Swifts two nights in Sept., in Muskogee, OK. Here are their results:
9-11-10 7:40 p.m. to 8:10 p.m. old warehouse smoke stack on Beacon St. 10,500 Chimney Swifts
9-12-10 7:50 p.m. to 8:10 p.m. Masonic Temple downtown Muskogee 500 Chimney Swifts

Jeri McMahon

Joplin, MO / Galena, KS

More than 1500 Chimney Swifts went to roost at Joplin's North Middle School chimney this evening, 9-28-10.
The chimney is about 7 ft X 7 ft X 60 ft high. The event tonight went from 7:25 pm until 7:40 pm. North Middle is at 2nd & Gray, Joplin, Jasper County. Every year CHSW start gathering in mid August. The peak
counts are late September - like tonight. Last date for CHSW was 10-30-07. One went to roost that evening.

October 1

1500 Chimney Swift went to roost at Joplin Missouri's North Middle School, 2nd & Gray, on 09-28-10. 7-25 to 7:40 PM. Joplin is in extreme sw MO., Jasper County. The chimney is roughly 7 X 7 X 60 ft., and is our finest tower that I am aware of, in the area. 1050 CHSW went to roost at Galena High School, Galena, Kansas, this evening, from 7:20 to 7:33 pm. Galena is in extreme se Kansas, Cherokee County.
The chimney is roughly 4 X 4 X 40 ft. This tower is about 9 or 10 miles due west of the Joplin chimney noted above.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to know what per cent of those same
CHSW roosted in each of those chimneys last night?

Good birding, Larry Herbert

Healdsburg, CA

On Tue Sept 21ST I went to the Rio Lindo academy in Healdsburg Ca roost site to view the Vaux swifts.
There were about 50 people and we viewed about 2,800 swifts. Numbers are a little down but a new roost site about 40 miles away has been found. I was told about 10,000 swifts were there, but that is not first hand as I was not there. New roost is at the McNear brick building in San Rafael, Ca

Dave Barry

The swifts have still not shown up at the Conservatory or Hampden chimneys. However one of our swift fans went to the Ambassador Dining Room last night and observed
over 3,000 swifts going down the chimney of the Temple of the Scotish Rite starting about 7:00 pm. I went again tonight a bit earlier (about 6:00) between rain storms, and counted 2,500 going down the chimney over the next hour. This is very late for swifts to be coming through in such numbers.

So if you need a swift-fix this fall, give this a try. The Temple's address is 3800 N. Charles Street (at the intersection of 39th and Charles). You can park in the neighborhood and watch--the best views of the chimney are from Canterbury Road. And the Ambassador has wonderful Indian cooking (although upscale and pricey) and provides a fantastic vantage point.

Joan Cwi

Ashville, NC

* Number of swifts counted - 236

* Time - 2027

* Date - 08/08/10

* Location - Longchamps Condominium, Asheville, North Carolina

* Broad description of the site, e.g. school, warehouse, residence, Chimney Swift Tower, etc. - Chimney from an old boiler located in a 1925 Apartment building.

* Weather conditions may also be reported. Partly Cloudy 76 degrees F.
I will be counting tonight for the last time as the cold front will take the swifts south this weekend to Tuesday. Hopefully will have a count of 450 to 500.

Darr Conradson

Ashville, NC

Thanks to someone circulating an email, at least 50 people gathered at the Civic Center parking deck to watch the swifts gathering to roost. What an amazing sight! Phyllis Stiles

Number of swifts counted: 1000's

Time (and time zone) 7:10 -- 7:50 pm EST

Date-- October 2, 2010

Location--Rankin St.

Address: city, state/province--Asheville, NC 28801

Broad description of the site, e.g. school, warehouse, residence, Chimney Swift Tower, etc.-- in commercial chimney of former shirt factory downtown

Weather conditions may also be reported.--clear evening maybe 70 degrees?

Ridgeway, NJ

This is my 5th year of counting/reporting at the George Washington Middle School in Ridgewood, NJ. This is the same roost that was written about last year in our main daily newspaper, The North Jersey Record. Please recall that the writer consulted Paul for the article and quoted Paul therein.

In the previous 4 years there's been a modest year by year increase in the numbers with a peak count last year of about 1500 being the highest total in my experience up till then. (The chimney's capacity is at least 4000, a number counted at this school in 1976-the State record.)

That all changed starting in early September, when the numbers quickly exceeded 2000, reaching a count of 2950 (about double the peak of recent years) on Sept. 14. Then the numbers started to decline getting down to 1500 on Sept.22, so I thought this indicated the Sept.14 number was this year's peak and so reported in my Swift Night email. However on Sept. 22 the count was up to 1740, on Sept. 29 it climbed to 2670 and Sat. night, Oct. 2 it reached a new high of 3030. And this is occurring during a calendar week where in past years the roost was empty or close to empty (though in 2009 it didn't empty until Oct,23).

Kurt Muenz

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