A Continent-wide Chimney Swift Roost Monitoring Project


The following reports were submitted after September 20, 2010. 

Greigsville, NY

I am a biology teacher from York High School in Greigsville, NY. On Wednesday, September 15th from 7:20 until about 7:40 pm, a group of eleven of my AP Biology students and I counted about 406 chimney swifts enter out school chimney. We have a fantastic vantage point looking out a second-story window into the courtyard where the large chimney is located. The weather was partially cloudy and mild.
This is acutually a small number of birds for us. In 2008, we viewed over 1400 swifts enter the chimney! Dr. Jim Kimball, as you may know, is the main surveyer or these birds, and I believe he did make it out during the "Swift Night Out" period, but I thought our information might be helpful too! My students were very enthusiastic, and would love the idea of this information adding to your data! Thank you.
-Mrs. Renee Webb, and students:

Jenny Creamer, Kim Clark, Taylor Shutts, Kali Rees, Donovan Minnich, Megan Van Norman, Jason Orlando, Luke Connolly, Brandon Hilyard, Kenny Beck, Adam Torrens
Also: physics teacher, Karl Hanafin, and parent, Mark Connolly

Joplin, MO

More than 1300 Chimney Swifts went into the school chimney at Joplin, Jasper County's
North Middle School. 7:15 to 7:30 PM. 2nd & Gray. Cloudy, 65 F. 10-10-10.

Lawrence Herbert

Kewaunee, WI

Old Brewery Smock Stack
Viewed from
The Intersection of Milwaukee and Ellis Streets

Number of Swifts Date Counted Time Counted Weather  Sunset  End Twilight

            150                       7/13/10                     20:33 TO 21:10 Clear  20:33  21:09

                5                       8/7/10                       20:00 to 2040           Mostly Clear               20:07  20:39

                0                       9/12/10                     1900 to 1935 Clear  19:00  19:35

Sturgeon Bay, WI

Chimney in unused Elementary School
Viewed from
The Intersection of Pine Street and Madison Avenue

Number of Swifts Date Counted Time Counted Weather  Sunset  End Twilight

             77                      7/16/10                      20:54 to 20:50            Scattered Clouds 20:32  21:07

               0                      8/6/10                        20:30 to 20:42            Scattered Clouds 20:09  20:42

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