A Continent-wide Chimney Swift Roost Monitoring Project


September 5 (continued)

Staunton, VA:  The brick chimney at Stuart Hall - 17
The small chimney at Stuart Hall - 194
Swifts entered between 7:43 and 8:12 PM

Chimney at the corner of New and Points - 221
Swifts entered between 7:50 and 8:10 PM

Chimney at 107 Coalter Street - 144

Walkertown, NC:  Site: Walkertown Middle School: The school is home to two chimneys, a large one in which the majority of the swifts roost, and a smaller, lower chimney that a few use, too.  Total Chimney Swifts: 588  Began their main descent at 8:05 pm EST with the last one going down at 8:10 pm.

I've been encourage our membership at Audubon Society of Forsyth County to participate in this event. I hope that you get some additional reports this weekend from us!

Mount Union, PA: 
Number of swifts: 1086

Large chimney on school building across from the Post Office

65 degrees F
Clear sky
No wind

19:28 first in chimney / 20:02 last in chimney EDT

Elapsed time: 34 minutes

Clarksburg, WV:  Friday, Sep 5, 2003 - Counted 61 chimney swifts roosting in chimney of private residence on Stanley Ave. Homes on Stanley Ave. are 85-90 years old.  Good luck with your count for 2003!

Chapel Hill, NC:   reporting two C. Swift counts from . (zip 27514):

Fri. night 9/5/03 7:50-8:05 pm. :

400 Swifts going to roost at Battle Hall chimney on Univ. of N. Carolina campus
just off Franklin St. and directly across from Franklin St. Post Office, another common
swift roost.

Sun. night 9/7/03 7:40-8:02 pm :

650 Swifts roosting at chimney behind former "Whims" store on downtown

Wright City, Missouri:  15 Swifts were observed on September 5, 2003. Wright City Middle School, Frasier C. Small Building. Located off Hwy 70 exit 200, at Elm Street. The Swifts appeared at 7:29 PM and all were in the roost by 7:50 PM.

Austin, TX:  Chimney Swift towers at Chaetura Canyon Chimney Swift Observatory (24" x 24" x 20' wooden).  North Tower - 5 birds. South Tower  -  142 birds.

Holland, MI:  On 9/5/03 there were 184 Chimney Swifts in the chimney at the Pillar Church

On 9/7 there were only 2, although there were over a hundred flying over the city. They are busy moving to new roosting sites as the flock increases. Pillar Church is the third site they have used since early August.

On 8/29 there were 252 birds counted at another site at 136 East 6th St.

On 10/03/01 I counted 735 birds at 17 W. 8th St., and on 10/10/02 I counted 740 birds at 17 W. 10th St..

For 2003, I expect the numbers to increase into the first week of Oct. and that the birds will change roosts at least two more times as the flock grows.

I'm glad to have a place to report these numbers.

Baltimore, MD:   Swift Night Out, Group Report to DWA, Texas, Fall 2003

1. Baltimore County, Maryland. Bare Hills Schoolhouse.
Description: an historic schoolhouse at 6229 Falls Road, 21209.

Friday Sept. 5, 2003 520 chimney swifts enter between 7:35 and
7:55 EST
Sunday, Sept 7 920 swifts enter. Timing unknown.

2. Baltimore, Maryland. Hampden Bookbindery.
Old industrial chimney, brick, 3110 Elm Avenue. 21211

Friday, Sept. 5 7,403 chimney swifts enter between 7:30 -8:07 EST
Saturday, Sept. 6 5,724 chimney swifts enter between 7:27 - 8:03
Sunday, Sept. 7 3,975 chimney swifts entered between 7:27 - 8:00

3. Baltimore, MD., Hampden Mill Center
Old industrial chimney 1/2 block away, 3000 Chestnut St. 21211
Friday Sept 5 73 swifts enter. 10+ pop out

4. Baltimore, Maryland. Kernan Hospital.
Description: Industrial chimney, brick, at 2200 Kernan Drive, 21207
Saturday Sept 6 2,501 chimney Swifts enter between 7:12 and 7:58

5. Baltimore, Md., 5th Regiment Armory
Industrial chimney, brick. N. Howard Street, 21201
Sunday Sept 7 35 Swifts enter from 7:29 to 7:57.

6. Baltimore, MD. 3700 Apartment Builiding
residential apartment building, at 3700 N. Charles St. , 21218
Sunday, Sept 7 452 Swifts enter from 7:32 to 7:50 PM, EST

Union, OR:   330 swifts entered roost on 5 Sep. 2003
Union High School Chimney, 540 S. Main St. 97883
Lat./long.: 45 12.383 117 52.001

Spartanburg, SC:  Friday, September 5, 2003 Spartanburg, SC 29302 [in the Piedmont about 70 miles WSW of Charlotte, NC] At sunset [7:50 PM] five observers were posted at two chimneys in the Converse Heights neighborhood. The four behind the south end of the former library [corner of Pine and Palmetto streets] watched 248 Chimney Swifts circle and drop into the chimney between 7:55 and 8:15 PM. At first, few swifts were present and, after the initial four descended, other swifts began to join those still circling. Mass descent began about 8:05 and continued until only four swifts were left flying large loops. Four more swifts arrived, and the eight descended in single file.

Miami, FL:  Meanwhile, eight blocks NE behind the apartment at E. Main and Connecticut, twelve swifts circled and four entered the chimney that had hosted up to 300 swifts last September.

Our local Audubon counted all Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. However, we did the counts in a different manner each night, so I'll list it all and let you use it scientifically however you may, if you can.
Weather all four evenings was clear and in the 70s. The first bird went in at 8:15pm and the last made its rounds and dove back in at 8:30pm Eastern Daylight Savings time.  I located 3 active roosts here in this little old town of Oxford Ohio, home of Miami University. There are more roosts which are active at different times. ALL the roosts are in buildings still being used, but with old, unused chimneys.  When there were multiple counters, we averaged the numbers:

Friday September 5 roost #1-70 Chimney Swifts (5 counters) Uptown Oxford 1/2 block off High Street in the alley between Park Place and Poplar Street Saturday September 6 roost #2 - 225 (6 counters) Old Post Office which is now Courthouse in uptown Oxford

Sunday September 7 roost #1- 95(1 counter), roost #2 - 236(1 counter), roost
#3- 600(1 counter) Physical Facilities Plant at the old Sawyer Gymn on
Western Campus of Miami University
Monday September 8 roost #3 - 1, 160(3 counters)

I plan to check the roosts every couple evenings just to see how long they stick around. But a question I have is- how do we know that the flock hasn't been replaced with another from day to day? Maybe roost #2 only accommodates 225-236 birds comfortably......
Anyway, I've always had a fascination with these beautiful little birds and I thank you for your efforts.

Lockhart, TX:  725 swifts.  Also ~ 50 Common Nighthawks feeding nearby