A Continent-wide Chimney Swift Roost Monitoring Project


Winston-Salem, NC:  My daughter heard about my experience counting the swifts in Southern Pines, and she discovered that they were also roosting in the chimney of her dormitory at Wake Forest University. This is the estimate of her sighting:

Monday, September 13, 2004 8:00pm
Kitchin Dorm
Wake Forest University
Approximately 300 swifts entered a large brick chimney at Kitchin at dusk.

Caitlin Bowness

Rochester, WI:  Rochester Library / Old School Chimney
48 8-14 7:40-8:15 CDT
164 8-23 7:30-8:10
205 8-30 7:15-7:50
260 9-2 7:00-7:45
200 9-7 7:00-7:45
195 9-9 7:00-7:30
Union Grove, WI:  Elementary School Chimney
500-600 9-4 7:05-7:40 CDT
206 9-13 6:50-7:30
Burlington, WI:  Old Manufacturing Building Chimney
(249 Chestnut)
265 8-21 7:35-8:15 CDT
Burlington, WI:  Old Warehouse Chimney
(388 N Pine)
~550 9-3 7:10-7:45 CDT
298 9-11 7:16-7:46
Burlington, WI:  Residential Chimney
95 9-3 7:10-7:45 CDT
Burlington, WI:  Appliance Store Chimney
(273 Milwaukee)
525 9-11 7:11-7:45 CDT
East Troy, WI:  Old Manufacturing Building Chimney
+20 8-15 7:35-8:05 CDT
East Troy, WI:  Residential Chimney
48 8-15 7:35-8:05 CDT
Mukwonago, WI:  Old Store Chimney
5 9-5 7:05-7:40 CDT

Submitted by  John Bielefeldt and Terri Peters

Abita Springs, LA:  The Swifts have begun to gather in our tower. Last week numbers began increasing. Last night there were about 500 going in at dusk. What an impressive sight. Will keep you informed as to numbers.

Olga and Walter  Clifton

Bellaire, TX:   We counted 29 swifts using the tower at the Nature Discovery Center, 7112 Newcastle, 77401.  I did hear that about 450 birds were spotted the Swift's Night Out weekend by one of our volunteers at Whole Foods Market, 4004 Bellaire Blvd. Houston.

Jenni Malone

Eaton, OH:   My daughter has a large colony of chimney swifts living in an unused chimney.  Every night she sees over fifty.

Carolyn Norton-Smith

Overland Park, KS:  Tuesday the chimney at the church at 83rd and Lamar had 207 Chimney Swifts enter in about 15 minutes at dusk. Several neighborhood kids helped me  count. They had thought they were bats. They had a grand time learning about the swifts and Common Nighthawks that we watched. I certainly
enjoyed sharing with them.

Mark Land

Saint Joseph / Joplin, MO:   Here in northwest Missouri the Chimney Swifts seem to be a little delayed in heading south this year. This is the first evening I noticed an appreciable number entering the chimney on Huffman Memorial Methodist Church at the corner of 28th and Renick here in Saint Joseph, Missouri. They began entering about 7:15 PM and were all in, in about ten minutes (7:25 PM). The last several mornings have been in the 30 degree F. range. This evening as they went to roost the temperature was 72 degrees F.

The Chimney Swifts are still here in northwest Missouri, Saint Joseph. This morning (October 7) I watched as @175 swifts left the roost chimney on Huffman Memorial Church at 2802 Renick Street, Saint Joseph, Missouri. I observed the first swift leave at 7:10 AM, the last left at 7:13 AM. Normally they fly up, up and away. This morning, perhaps due to the very overcast weather, they flew out of the chimney and
down and gone. Presently (10:15 AM) many can be seen flying high overhead, feeding. There is a very light rain falling, but they still seen to be able to find insects to feed on.

October 16:  Breakfast birding - A remarkable 915 Chimney Swifts left the North Middle School  chimney, 2nd and Gray, Joplin, Jasper County, this morning between 07:19  and  07:27.  It was 43 F., partly cloudy and no wind. Four swifts showed up from some other  roost at about 07:15 and circled the chimney waiting for these "sleep in"  buddies.

Larry Lade

Nashville, TN:  Hazel Cassel, George Koehler, Margie Koehler

The above observed 232 swifts from 7:00-7:30 PM Central Time on September 10, 2004. The location was the Tusculum Elementary School chimney at 4917 Nolensville Pk. Nashville, TN 37211.

George Koehler and Margie Koehler observed 46 swifts on September 11, 2004 at Julia Green Elementary School at 3500 Hobbs Rd. Nashville, TN 37215 from 7:00-7:30 PM Central Time.

Thank you,
Jan Shaw

Naples, TX:  DWA data report 3:38 PM 10/14/2004 Tricia & Tom Best Naples, TX, Morris cnty

           3-68 swifts(Chimney all)
           10-62 swifts
           11-58 swifts
           12-60 "
           13-28 "
           14-18 "
           16-48 "
           20-23 "
           22-58 "
           23-53 "
           25-54 "
           28-43 "
           29-18 "
           30-78 "

October:    4-40 swifts
            5-71 "
            11-38 "
            12-16 "
            13-2  "   

Alton, IL:  I've been still seeing the occasional swift around here over the last few days, and today, while in Alton, I saw a pretty large flock still in town....would guess 30 - 40 birds. It's the latest I ever recall seeing any quantity of swifts around.

Paul Hempel

Kearney , MO:   went down to the Jr. High in Kearney tonight just to check. There were hundreds of Swifts going in that chimney, not thousands like a couple weeks ago, but plenty. The Sentry kept flying around and around for at least 10 min.  They must have some way to communicate with others up there, or something.

Joyce Rosson