A Continent-wide Chimney Swift Roost Monitoring Project


Nashville, TN

I'm Carmen, my 10 year old son Simon and I spotted about 2 dozen Swifts near Tusculum Elementary's chimney in Nashville, TN.
They flew very close to the Tusculum school and at times seemed they would all go in, however, we only saw 3 Swifts entered the chimney.
PS Thanks Hazel for the information, we will return to view this beautiful scene again, and at the same time enjoy the multi-colored sunset.  Carmen & Simon.

  • Number of swifts counted: 24 (3 entered)
  • Time (and time zone): 7:50 - 8:00 p.m. CDT (sunset was 7:40)
  • Date: 8/13/05
  • Location: Tusculum Elementary School, 4917 Nolensville Pike
  • Address: city, state/province: Nashville, TN
  • Broad description of the site, e.g. school, warehouse, residence, Chimney Swift Tower, etc.: chimney of elementary school
  • Weather conditions may also be reported: clear, temps in the 80s

Austin, TX

We counted swifts at O.Henry Friday night with Julia and Andy Balinsky, and several of their friends. I and another woman counted over 820 and 870. Andy counted 430. We decided to compromise with an estimate of 620. I hope that is not too vague. John and I had counted about 300 several weeks ago, and we felt there were at least double or triple that number, as we watched them swirling in the sky.   Anne Donovan

Sumter, SC

Number of swifts counted 3-4 entered, but we saw 20 or so flying in circles around the roof
Time (and time zone) 8 p.m. Eastern
Date August 13 and 14, 2005
Location 3200 Widman Drive
Address: city, state/province Sumter SC
Broad description of the site, e.g. school, warehouse, residence, Chimney Swift Tower, etc.
The swifts have nested in the chimney of our home for a number of years. This summer they have been louder than usual, which makes us suspect a larger family or brood.

Weather conditions may also be reported. It has been clear and hot.
Thank you,   The Coxes

Marietta, GA

Observer - Mark Beebe
Number of Chimney Swifts - 1
Date - August 14, 2005
Time - 8:49 PM Eastern Zone DST
Location - Marietta, Georgia
Address - 127 Atlanta Street, S.E.
Roost Description - House with brick chimney
Weather - 78 degrees F partly cloudy

Griegsville, NY

228 Chimney Swifts, between 8:29 & 8:45 pm EDT on August 13, entering the large chimney at the York Central School, Griegsville, New York. This is in Livingston Co. in western New York. Weather was overcast and temperature about 65 degrees. Local sunset time was 8:15.  Jim Kimball

Geneseo, NY

60 Chimney Swifts, between 8:22 & 8:35 pm EDT on August 14, entering a residential chimney at 28 Main St., Geneseo, New York. This is in Livingston Co. in western New York. Weather was overcast and temperature about 60 degrees. Local sunset time was 8:14. It's interesting to note that swifts could be seen going in and out of other chimneys in the neighborhood earlier in the summer, but I only saw them at this chimney this evening.  Jim Kimball

Peterborough, Ontario

I watched the large chimney in downtown Peterborough, Ontario. Under partly cloudy skies and calm winds I counted 158 swifts enter the chimney between 8:09 and 8:40 pm on August 14, 2005. The biggest groups went in between 8:14 and 8:16 when 49 swifts dropped into the white industrial-sized chimney at the back of an office building. Small groups of fewer swifts continued to enter as dusk settled in. The swifts are quite vocal at the start of roost entry but by 8:30 the few remaining swifts are nearly all silent. No swifts entered other chimneys last night but I was told by some local residents that swifts sometimes enter a large chimney on the north side of Charlotte Street also. This particular chimney is certainly the largest swift roost in our town.
Chris Risley, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
Location: downtown, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
Date: August 14, 2005
Roost size: 158 Chimney Swifts

Racine, WI

This is our 4th year of monitoring the Swifts in downtown Racine. Racine is located on Lake Michigan's shoreline.
They have changed chimney locations from the Water Company to the Eagles Club to west of Kewpee's to another new chimney this year located in the abandoned old Ala Rug Company building at 500 6th Street.
We were out all three nights of the count. We began watching at 7:30pm and quit about 8:15pm.
The most ever counted in the air--which is certainly NOT the way to do it--was 44. We finally located the new chimney and counted 16 swifts entering.
All three nights were warm--70 degrees, about 50-60% cloud cover and a slight breeze of 5mph.
We look forward to monitoring this area in the next month, and hopefully will have better data for your September 9,10,11th count.   Best Regards, Helen Pugh  and Muffy Petrick

Hello from Delaware, Ohio!

Here are my data from August 12 and 14, 2005.

Both of my counts took place across the street from the Ohio National Guard Armory on William Street in Delaware, Ohio. I sat along the parking lot to Tim Horton's Restaurant as Chimney Swifts entered the South chimney of the armory.

Friday, August 12, 2005. With a temperature of 85 degrees F. under a clear sky, the first swift entered at 8:16 and the last followed at 8:54 p.m. A total of 202 swifts funneled into the chimney.

Sunday, August 14, 2005. The observation started in a misty rain that finally stopped under a cloudy sky with a temperature of 77 degrees F. The first swift entered the chimney at 8:23, and the last entered at 8:56 p.m. A total of 483 swifts entered the chimney.  The migration is intensifying.

Swift on, Dick Tuttle

Abbeville, AL

Just wanted to let you know our Swift count revealed 18 Friday night and 24 Saturday night. They nest in the chimney of our house every year. We are in Henry County Alabama, just off the Chattahoochee River. I think we submitted a report last year.  Sara Jernigan