A Continent-wide Chimney Swift Roost Monitoring Project


Kingston, NS

We have had a family of swifts in the large brick chimney of our home all summer. They are now clearly preparing to leave and probably won't be around for the next date. It has been interesting to watch the very rapid development of their flying capabilities.
12 August 2005
10 Swifts seen orbiting house, 6 entered chimney at 8:30pm Eastern Standard Time.
Location: Kingston (Annapolis Valley), Nova Scotia, Canada.
Site is next to a feeder stream of the Annapolis River, several acres of lowlands and wooded floodplain.
Temperature was about 78 F, cloudy and overcast.
We have a large, triple flue chimney, only one of which is currently used. The swifts have been coming here for some years.   John Belbin

Johnson City, TX

Friday August 12,  Watched the towers form 8pm to 8:40pm.

Big Tower- (Castle)  1st on in at 8:17, last one in at 8:22
Total of 3 or 4 into the large tower (1 in, 1 out, 3 in) 
Active nest in this tower

Little Tower- saw nothing.  There is a nest in this tower.

Saturday August 13,

Big Tower-  5 into the tower.  1st one in at 8:13, last one in at 8:27

Little Tower-  2 into the tower.  1st one in at 8:21, last one in at 8:30

Unity. ME

64 swifts entered the chimney at the School Administration Building in Unity Maine (zip 04988). This is the largest number we've seen at this location since we started watching it a year ago.

Fowlerville, MI

For the last 4 years I have been watching Chimney Swifts in Howell, Mich about 13 miles east of here. Two years ago the swifts changed roosting sites due to the netting over of there first roosting site, which was kind of my fault. I went to the building where they were roosting to inform them how great it was and to take care not to disturb them, well I guess they took that to mean better to get rid of them. Fortunately they waited until after they had migrated. The new roosting site is only 1 block west of there. The chimney is not as big and I don't think there was as many birds. Now for the details: 140+ birds, they began entering the chimney about 8:30 and by 9 the last one had dropped in. The date was August 17, 2005 the weather was mostly clear Temp 74*, little or no wind. The chimney, about 40 to 50 feet in height, is attached to a long row of shops. I believe it is only used for heating purposes. This is in a fairly busy city, 1/2 block from a major road. Thank You,  Pat Baize

Bartlett, TN

300 Chimney Swifts
7:47 - 8:11 PM CST
August 13, 2005
Bartlett High School, Bartlett, TN
50 foot tall Chimney about 4 foot X 4 foot square (outside dimension)
Broken clouds, about 82 degrees
John and Linda Zempel

Weslaco, TX

Hi all,
12 Chimney Swifts roosting in one chimney on Aug 13th at 8 pm.
Location: 10th Street and Texas Blvd. in Weslaco, TX, Hidalgo County.
Residential neighborhood with small brick fireplace chimney.
NOT a big number by any means, but I see more than that flying in the area daytime. They seem to roost in small numbers in different chimney within an area of a few blocks of these old neighborhoods. I bet they are using at least 6-10 chimneys in the areas.... some with as few as 2 birds per chimney. (So an estimated number around here is more like 25-30 birds within the neighborhood.) Martin Hagne

Pittsburg, Crawford County, Kansas

August 19,. 2005 - This evening my wife and I decided to check out
another chimney swift roost. This time we went to Westside Elementary
School, at 5th & Miles, in Pittsburg, Crawford County, Kansas. On our
August 7th. count our people counted 92 birds at this roost but this
evening we counted 166 Chimney Swifts.

Date: Friday, August 19, 2005
Time: 8:00 P.M. to 8:30 P.M.
Place: Westside Elementary School, 5th. & Miles, Pittsburg, Crawford
Co., KS.
Temperature: 85 degrees
Wind: Calm
Skies: Clear
By 8:10 P.M. at least eleven (11) birds entered chimney.
By 8:20 P.M. forty-five (45) birds had entered chimney.
By 8:30 P.M. the last two birds entered for a total of 166 Chimney Swifts.

Bob Mangile
Sperry-Galligar Audubon

Jacksonville, Florida

There are 4 chimney swifts in our chimney. We saw them at 8:30 P.M. EST on  20/05 at 3827 Musket Trail in Jacksonville, Florida. This is the second year they have nested in our chimney.  Thank you, Connor age 9

Vermillion, SD


                              High School             University                                                                                                   chimney               smoke stack                  
Fri 8-12-05                                                      15
Sat.  -13-                    700+??
Sun  -14-                    420                               
Mon -15-                    500                             very few
Fri 8-19-05                600+??   
    Well the Vermillion swifts so far this year have almost completely abandoned the big smokestack on the University of South Dakota campus for a smaller high school chimney about .8 mile away.  
    Please don't use the 8-13 and 8-19 counts.  The first is too high; I didn't have the clicker and was a ways away and overly enthused about my new-found roost.  The 19th count was under poor, dark & cloudy light conditions, but I have the definite sense that more are coming in to it as the days go on.
    The temp. was about 65 on the 12th - 14th and warmed to about 75 on the 15th.  I checked the U smokestack again on the 15th because I thought maybe the temperature difference might change their roost, but it didn't.
    Haven't been able to talk to Jody Moats at Adams Nature Center so I don't know if anyone watched their chimney or found one in Sioux City.  I was in SC at dusk Thursday the 18th and in places the air was full of swifts, but I couldn't find a roost.  Neither of two likely big masonry smokestacks were being used. 

Mark Wetmore