A Continent-wide Chimney Swift Roost Monitoring Project


Elliot City, MD

Number of swifts counted - 0 , none!

  • Time (and time zone) - 7:00-7:50 EDT
  • Date - September 11, 2005
  • Location - Miller Brothers Chevrolet
  • Address: city, state/province- Chevrolet Drive, Ellicott City, MD 21042
  • Broad description of the site, e.g. school, warehouse, residence, Chimney Swift Tower, etc.
- Large chimney that in the past has hosted from 400 to 2,000 migrating Chimney Swifts
  • Weather conditions may also be reported:  - Clear, a few clouds.

Unlike the August date, I did see a few swifts this time, but they kept on going, did not descend
into the chimney. I am puzzled. I have to wonder if the chimney has been blocked. I find it odd
that they would have ignored a chimney that 800 in August and 400 in September used last year.

Kurt Schwarz

Baltimore, MD

All of the Swifts counted this weekend were counted at the Freestate Book bindery chimney attached to large warehouse on top of hill above Jones Falls river on Elm ave. in Hampden, Baltimore MD

Sept. 9,2005
2,300 swifts
first in 7:05, last in 7:57 EST
75 degrees no wind
They were acting very weird this night a lot of hovering, they were very hard to count
Hampden -Baltimore,MD

Sept. 10,2005
3,170 swifts
first in 6:55,last 7:50
mild 72 degrees, clear no wind but lots of music
Hampden- Baltimore MD
same location as above- Freestate book bindery
Sept. 11,2005

4,630 swifts
first in 6:47, last in 7:52
80 degrees, cloudless sky, no wind
Hampden- Baltimore MD
same location as above- Freestate book bindery

we had at least 2 if not 3 people counting all three night at the Baltimore chimney.  They were Alice Greely Nelson, David Nelson, Carol Schreter, Joan Cwi and Bryce Butler

Alice Greely-Nelson

Austin, TX

My official count for A Swift Night Out 2005.
Austin, Texas 78749
Residential chimney
High overcast, 85'

Trey Kelly

Austin, TX

Josef and I went out Saturday night and observed the chimney again at O. Henry Middle School on Exposition Blvd. north of Lake Austin Blvd. Date: 9/10/2005 Location: O. Henry Middle School (west side) on Exposition Blvd. Observers: Bryan Hale and Josef Hale Mostly overcast with high clouds. Wind 0 - 5 MPH SE. 82 F First Chimney Swifts showed up: 7:05 PM First Chimney Swifts started swooping at chimney entry: 7:18 PM First Chimney Swift entered chimney: 7:55 PM Last major entries into chimney: 8:15 PM (We observed a 5 - 10 stragglers but it was getting too dark to see when the last swift entered the chimney.) Estimated total Chimney Swifts: Approximately 850 - 900 Like before, they were approaching and swooping the chimney generally from the northwest.

Josef and I went out Sunday night and observed the chimney at Austin Community College, Rio Grande Campus. There are 2 chimneys next to the old gym at 1300 West Ave. The square chimney attached to the old gym is being used as a Swift roost. The tall round chimney is not being used. Date: 9/11/2005 Location: Old Gym at 1300 West Ave. on the Austin Community College, Rio Grande campus in Austin. The square chimney is attached to the south wall of the gym. Observers: Bryan Hale and Josef Hale First Chimney Swifts showed up: 7:30 PM First Chimney Swift entered chimney: 7:50 PM Last Swift entered chimney: 7:58 PM Estimated total Chimney Swifts: 118

Bryan Hale

Racine, WI

Observation report from Muffy Petrick and Eric Howe in Racine WI. Chimney swifts observed on Friday 9/9/05 from 7:06 pm to 7:31 pm CST at 500 Sixth Street, a 3-story commercial building in downtown Racine WI. Weather was warm 75 degrees, humid, with light breeze. Saw 27 swifts enter one chimney and 4 used a second chimney. Have observed this site on a few other evenings and saw similar numbers.

Columbia, SC

Swifts: 3000+ counted
Date: September 10th
Time: 7:45 - 8:15 pm EST
Loc: Township Auditorium, Taylor Street, Columbia, SC
Desc: The Township Auditorium was build in the late 20's and opened in 1930. It is a large brick building with a huge chimney that rises 5 stories at the rear of the building in a well lighted parking lot.
Weather: Low 80's, clear and breezy.

On the way to the Township, we had to drive across a bridge that crosses the Saluda & Congaree rivers. There were hundreds of swifts flying just above and to each side of the bridge.

Lexington, SC

Swifts: 293 counted
Date: September 11th
Time: 7:45 - 8:15 pm EST
Loc: Lexington Intermediate School, Hendrix Street, Lexington, SC
Desc: Older brick school building with a chimney approximately 4 feet above the single story roof.
Weather: Low 80's, partly cloudy and breezy.

Galena, OH

I submit reports for Friday, September 9, and Sunday, September 11, 2005. Both swift watches took place at the Galena United Methodist Church, 108 Harrison Street, Galena, Ohio 43021. The church has a large, two-story chimney that measures 48" x 78" on the outside. The chimney is no longer used for a furnace. However, it has a long history of hosting migrating Chimney Swifts and the congregation allows the chimney to stand so it can benefit the birds.  Galena is a small town that sits at the North end of Hoover Reservoir, a large lake that supplies drinking water for Columbus. The Big Walnut Creek and Little Walnut Creek empty into the reservoir. Understandably, the combination of a large chimney near a large lake with two wooded streams makes for a good place for swifts to congregate. I present my data:

Friday, September 9, 2005. Sunset at 1951. Between 1950 and 2016, 1840 swifts entered the chimney. The sky was clear and the temperature was 75 degrees F.

Sunday, September 11, 2005. Sunset at 1947. Between 1948 and 2013, 1690 swifts entered the chimney. The sky was clear and the temperature was 72 degrees F.

This is a large roost. On Monday, September 12, I counted only people as a huge flock entered the chimney for the night. I was part of a Chimney Swift program sponsored by the Preservation Parks of Delaware County. The visitors ranged in ages from 3 or 4 years old through senior citizens. The swifts put on a good show and more programs are being planned for next season. Fellow swift-watchers are the other side of the swift watching coin.   Swift on, Dick Tuttle