A Continent-wide Chimney Swift Roost Monitoring Project


Griegsville NY

I counted 732 Chimney Swifts entering the large central chimney of the York Central School (Griegsville NY, Livingston Co.) on the evening of September 11.  The first swifts entered at 7:30 pm edt and the last at about 7:45.  Most went in over the last six minutes.  Local sunset time was 7:27 and the weather was clear, temperature about 65 degrees.
Renee Webb (the high school biology teacher) counted 850 on September 14.
From past experience at this site we would expect the number to increase over the next week or so - until significantly colder weather sets in.

Jim Kimball

Athens, GA

Here are the results from TWO Chimney Swift counts.

Number of swifts counted: 245
Time (and time zone): 8:05-8:20 PM (Eastern Daylight Time)
Date: 11 September 2005
Location: City Hall
Address: 301 College Avenue, Athens, Georgia
Broad description of the site: chimney
Weather conditions: no clouds, no wind, about 70F.

Number of swifts counted: 220
Time (and time zone): 7:52-8:15 PM (Eastern Daylight Time)
Date: 11 September 2005
Location: Apartment building
Address: 400 E. Clayton Street, Athens, Georgia
Broad description of the site: chimney with TV antenna, south edge of building
Weather conditions: no clouds, no wind, about 70F.

Gordon C. Ward

St. Petersburg/Gulfport, FL

A friend of mine collected the following information and asked that I pass it along to you as a part of the Swift count.

Jan Anscheutz surveyed a roost on 9/15/2005 from 7:13 pm to 7:19 pm. She found 209 swifts at the roost which is located in St. Petersburg/Gulfport, Florida 33707.   The roost was at the corner of 15th Ave. South and 61st Street.

Jim McGinty

Corpus Christi, TX

The swifts of Blucher took an early departure for the Sept "Swift Night Out". Incredibly they seem to have read the calendar & caught an early flight out - on Monday, Sept 5 we had about 60 or so swifts - by the
weekend, gone. We'll watch for some late arrivals this next Monday.

The Hather Street Swifts are still flying - only 12 or so, but they accompanied me on my evening walk. Will miss their "conversation" when the last group leaves.

Leah Pummill

Staunton, VA

This chimney is located at 101 Frederick Street, Staunton, Va. I can estimate that the size of the chimney is about 4 bricks wide (all four sides-square). The height is probably about 20 to 30 feet. This chimney is located between the Professional Building and the Old Post Office on Frederick Street (downtown area). This chimney can be viewed comfortably from the parking area behind these buildings belonging to the S&S Service and Repair at 117 N. Lewis Street, Staunton, Va.

I look forward to observing this chimney next year and may I add that Staunton has some very unique chimneys very attractive to Chimney Swifts. I will continue to relate my observations in the future to Mary Penn.

Thank you for your wonderful work in this field.
Respectfully submitted,

Jo King

Atlanta, GA

Observer-Brian Sterner
Numner of Chimney Swifts-12
Date Observed-9/17/05
Time-8:30 pm
Location-Atlanta, Georgia
Address-Freedom Park near the intersection of Euclid and North Ave.
Weather-Clear, 82 F

Baltimore, MD

We had a count at the Book bindery chimney, Baltimore MD
September 19th
it was around 76 degrees
the swift started in around 6:40
all in around 7:45
We counted 7330
It has been very warm no cold fronts headed our way, this was one of the largest in awhile

Alice G. Nelson

Greenbelt, MD

A researcher at the Smithsonian's Neighborhood Nestwatch project alerted me to your "Swift Night Out" project. I'd been noting swifts in the air each summer, but had never seen them funnel into a chimney in this area. It was a real discovery to see them swirl around and enter a chimney in our little town center this fall. I watched them for a few nights and tallied my results.

Eastern Time Zone, Daylight Savings Time
Weather has been sunny, bright, warm, with few clouds and no rain for the last few weeks.
Chimney on the P&G Old Greenbelt Theater (Visible from Greenbelt Coop Foods)
129 Centerway  Greenbelt, Maryland 20770

The building is about 70 years old, and houses a movie theater, dry cleaning shop, and a Chinese restaurant. There are trees around of modest height, and some open sky over parking lots for the food store, etc. Greenbelt is a planned community. Adjacent to the theater is a pedestrian plaza giving access to the grocery store and other shops and businesses. I estimate the chimney at 50 feet high, rising above the building that's about 30 feet.

Sept. 1, 7:40 to 8:00 pm, I counted about 108 swifts enter the chimney.

Sept. 11, 7:20 to 7:40 pm, I counted about 88 swifts enter.

Another chimney on the Greenbelt Community Center (formerly a school) deserves more attention, but it had only two birds entering on Sept. 6th--was it the Bingo or the 60 foot ferris wheel from the Greenbelt Labor Day Festival that discouraged roosting activity? I watched it for a while on Sept. 11 (no more festivities), but gave up when all I saw was birds flying over to other locations, and I returned to watch the theater chimney with greater success.

I checked out a likely-looking chimney on Capitol Hill on Sept. 12, but it had only one swift entrant. All the birds overhead flew elsewhere, maybe to the church steeple just out of sight lines...
This is fun. Next year, I must organize my pals to cover more territory.

Carolyn Sturtevant